Joe Biden Urges Michel Martelly to Hold Elections

Haitian President Michel Martelly and American Vice President Joe Biden have begun a dialog between the U.S. and Haiti. They met in May when Biden made a visit to Trinidad on state business and spoke by phone for approximately an hour on 6/19/2013. The agenda included post-2010 reconstruction projects, making the government of Haiti (GOH) more efficient and responsive, and initiatives to tackle anti-corruption practices within the GOH.


Most imperative, Biden stressed, is Haiti hold free, fair, and transparent elections before years' end. The international community agrees. Haiti's electoral system is bicameral, composed of the Temporary Electoral Council (TEC) and the Permanent Electoral Council (PEC). Before an election can be held, the PEC must be seated. Until this happens, the TEC acts as proxy, with no powers to oversee the ballot casting and counting process. Martelly has been embroiled with the opposition party over his PEC pick, a corrupt politician. He is insistent his guy remain on the PEC, rather than the opposition appointee.

In the meantime, the senate chamber is not getting much done, without a quorum to hold legislative meetings. The senators are out on the campaign trail for an election that has yet to be announced.

Martelly, CARICOM Chairman, is asking for a U.S.-CARICOM summit with President Obama. It is questionable whether this will happen. Martelly wants to be a major player on the world stage, but unless he can stop squabbling and start leading his country, the GOH cannot expect to be taken seriously by major powers.

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Vanel Baron says...

It will be also very important if the vice president could tell the president of Haiti about the diaspora voting right I think it's about

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