Jamaican company finds real potential in Haiti for Poultry Business

In late December 2010, the Jamaica Broilers unveiled plans to open an operation in Haiti for the production of chicken and chicken by-products to meet the growing need, made more dominant by the earthquake earlier that year, in the Haitian market for protein. Haitian Broilers was born shortly after, a US$2-$3 million dollar project.


In its initial stages, the venture was a partnership with a Haitian entity which saw the country receive feed from Jamaica and chicks from the United States. Described as a mission for gathering information, the company's vice-president, Donald Patterson, has recently said that the now, positively successful venture has surpassed the beginning stages of JA broilers at a corresponding time in its infancy.

The success of the original operation meant that they were soon able to produce chicks in Haiti. They grow layer pullets on a farm, and they established a feed mill to make feed for the layer birds as well as for broiler ration.

The biggest part of their profit comes from the all-important Haitian source of protein, the egg. It's estimated that 1 million eggs are consumed in Haiti per year, and the company was quick to broaden their horizon to capitalize on the market, as they did not before produce their own eggs. The business of egg is potentially so lucrative, the company plans to ramp up production to around 8-10% of the daily needs by April of next year.

As the Haitian economy grows, as evidenced by foreign businesses like the Jamaica Broilers being willing to set up shop, the demand for other protein sources will correspondingly grow, and Haitian Broilers is already prepared as it currently sells frozen and chilled poultry in the country.

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