Jetta Baptiste, president of Haitian Bahamian community, supports boycott

Daphne Campbell, a Florida politician, saw much support for her recent call to international businesses and tourists to boycott the Bahamas until they have repealed their new, highly controversial law that aims, as she describes it, to discriminate against Haitian children. Her latest such supporter is president of the Haitian Bahamian community Jetta Baptiste, who admitted to being in agreement with the proposed boycott one thousand percent.


While voicing her support for the boycott and the one-week ultimatum issued by the politician, Baptiste also spoke about the frustration of the community which is once again being cruelly handled by the Bahamas, as well as others of Haiti's neighbors. Baptiste argues that Haitians living in the Bahamas are being tugged into the political game of the government of the Bahamas, in which illegal migration is a huge topic. She puts forward that Florida will not long be the only State that will join in the boycott as Campbell, a Democratic Member of the House of Representatives for Florida, has written to the U.S. government about the situation, and she also has the backing of elected Cuban officials who have appealed to Florida's Governor Rick Scott and President Barack Obama.

At the end of her one-week ultimatum for the Bahamian government to repeal the law, which came into effect on November 1, 2014, and to apologize to the Haitian community, Mrs. Campbell threatens to travel to the Bahamas with a group of representatives to face the Bahamian officials. Her zealous defense of the cause has had her labeled a "fool" by Immigration Minister for the Bahamas, Fred Mitchell, and being called "out of order" by Hubert Chipman, Immigration Shadow Minister.

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