John Kerry came to Haiti to assure the holding of October 25 elections

Secretary of State John Kerry came to Haiti on Tuesday to delver a message he hopes will carry all the way to the October 25, 2015. He is hoping for a "smoother process" than what took place in August.


According to Secretary of State John Kerry, "Haiti needs governing institutions that are legitimate and representative, and those cannot come into being without free and fair elections that take part without intimidation or without violence"

Several things became clear with the arrival of the Secretary of State John Kerry in Haiti. For one we now know for a fact the election will take place on October 25. If anyone had some doubts in the past that it may not happen, I would advise you to remove that from your mind. Second, the transfer of power will take place on February 7 of next year. President Michel Martelly once again reiterated that fact for anyone who may have missed it.

The authorities have spoken. Therefore, to the opposition I will say: "too bad"

What do you think about the presence of Secretary of State John Kerry in Haiti just a few days before the holding of elections?

Do you think there is still a chance that the election might not take place on October 25?

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Subject: John Kerry came to Haiti to assure the holding of October 25 elections edit

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