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The Port-au-Prince broadcast radio station, Radio Vision 2000, is undergoing a significant change with the departure of one iconic host and the return of another. After over a decade as an anchorman for the radio station, Valéry Numa has decided to leave his home on the 99.3 FM frequency and take up residence on his own 88.9 station, FM Platinum.


Among his other endeavors are the newsman's hotel, Kickback, and other business holdings in the South Haiti locale, Camp Perrin, from where his radio station will be broadcast. The goal is for FM Platinum to reach 18 southern towns by way of relay through other radio programs, a 'first' as announced by Valery. His last broadcast on the program he is known for, 'Guest of the Day', will be broadcast on Friday, September 2nd, after which the prodigal journalist, Marie-Lucie Bonhomme will return to host the popular show.

Marie-Lucie Bonhomme has spend a large chunk of her 42 years hosting many shows on Radio Vision 2000 after establishing her worth as a journalist during the second downfall of President Aristide in 2004. A graduate of the State University of Haiti and student of schools as far away as Paris and Belgium, Bonhomme has also held the role of director of information for the station she now returns to.

Recently honored as a 'heroic woman' at the Kennedy Center, by Vital Voices Global Partnership, Marie-Lucie Bonhomme has been noted for persevering in her intrepid journalism amidst threats to her life. Her vigorous defense of the public's right to the news is a virtue Radio Vision 2000 must be glad to welcome home.

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Frantz Nicolas says...

Iblieve there is apeacefull way of getting rid of jovenel, and realizing the tambulalaza thereafter,,, mim qhe americain gin zam ak larmee we can defeat the system, only stay home like grev general pou 4 jours followed by 3 jour de ravitaillement, pep la ka repran min bagay la, nou ka fe sa pou 3 semaines, min que timoun pedi mwa lekol, internacional bay lagan, pou pep la pa mouri amba bal snipers de maRtelly, nou pa ta minm bezwen bloke pays, ak sa tambulalaza ap

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