François Nicolas Duvalier reacted on recent riots in Haiti

François Nicolas Duvalier, a potential candidate on the next Presidential election in Haiti that will take place in 2021 sent his message following the violent and deadly protests sparked by the proposed plan to raise fuel prices. Here is his statement below:


"My dear fellow citizens, like so many fellow citizens, I have been at the forefront of the events of the past few days, until we can take stock of the losses in human life and the damage caused, I extend my sympathies to those who have lost a loved one, those who have lost their jobs, who do not yet know how they will be able to support themselves and their families, and who do not yet know how they will send their children to the school, the entrepreneurs and job creators who have seen the hard work go up in smoke and all those who have been somehow victimized by this climate of terror.

By duty and by obligation towards the Haitian people, the authorities concerned must imperatively explain themselves in the transparency and without double talk on the tragic and alarming events of recent days.

However, the state in all its components is not solely responsible for the current situation of the country, it is a collective failure.

We will never be able to develop our country without political stability, without a climate of security without the actual establishment of the rule of law and without good governance.

For the salvation of the Nation we need a revolution of collective consciousness. Individual interests must finally leave their place to the general interest of the Nation and the Haitian people.

Political leaders, civil society leaders, members of the private business sector, the Haitian people as a whole, we all have an appointment with history today and it will not fail to judge us on the decisions we will take at a so critical moment, because it is these resolutions and decisions that will shape the collective future of our Nation, our people and our youth.

My dear fellow citizens for a more fraternal, prosperous and stronger Haiti in a spirit of civism and patriotism, I invite you to redouble your efforts so that the country can finally reach its destiny of greatness.

Thank you."

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Fred S Millan says...

Nicolas set the problem, and perspectives the right way and Haiti would benefit from those remarks.

However, the man himself does not have the background and inherited moral standing to lecture the people that way.
As an extension of a stigma that still affect this nation, he is the son and grandson of notorious criminals, and thieves who have humiliated this nation.

therefore, his comments have no value.

It would be wise for him to keep a low profile because many have not forgotten the crimes of the Duvalier

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Lucius Pierre says...

What a coincidance, Ranfis Trujillo and Fraçois Nicolas Duvalier, two young men holding their grandfathers' lasts names.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic suffered a lot during those days. People haven't forgotten yet those terrible days. About their citizenships, more specifically Trujillo's one is under discussion.

If they have the right, it's the population's responsibity to determine whether they deserve their

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