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Francois Nicolas Duvalier reacted on recent riots in Haiti

François Nicolas Duvalier, a potential candidate on the next Presidential election in Haiti that will take place in 2021 sent his message following the violent and deadly protests sparked by the proposed plan to raise fuel prices. Here is his statement below:

"My dear fellow citizens, like so many fellow citizens, I have been at the forefront of the events of the past few days, until we can take stock of the losses in human life and the damage caused, I extend my sympathies to those who have lost a loved one, those who have lost their jobs, who do not yet know how they will be able to support themselves and their families, and who do not yet know how they will send their children to the school, the entrepreneurs and job creators who have seen the hard work go up in smoke and all those who have been somehow victimized by this climate of terror.

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Is Jean Claude Duvalier a victim of the Duvalierist movement?

Born in Port-au-Prince, the capital, Jean Claude Duvalier was raised in an isolated environment. He was a student of Nouveau College Bird and Saint-Louis de Gonzague. Later, it was reported that he studied law at Université d'Etat d'Haïti (University of Haiti) in Port-a-Prince. It was reported that his teachers usually gave him passing grades to avoid any problem with his father.

People close to the family reported that Jean Claude Duvalier was treated like a young prince. He was described as an introvert who liked fast cars and jazz and was a martial arts enthusiast. Following a failed attempt of kidnapping people would see him less for a period of time.

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Will Jean-Claude Duvalier run in Next Presidential Election?

Jean Claude Duvalier, a possible candidate in the next presidential election in Haiti. How does that sound to you?

If he wants to satisfy some of his supporters, the former Haitian dictator, Jean Claude Duvalier will be a candidate during the next Presidential election in Haiti. According to an article that came out in Tout Haiti, 35 organizations are calling for the former dictator to run in the next Presidential election in Haiti.

The Federation of areas for new development orientation in Gonaives (FESNODG), consisting of 35 grassroots organizations is calling on Jean Claude Duvalier to represent himself as a candidate.

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Is Nicholas Duvalier the leader to revive the "Duvalierist" as a party

Here is Nicholas Duvalier, the son of former Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier and grand son of Francois Duvalier. Both Nicholas and Jean-Claude are currently living in the country and both meet the requirements to run for office.

I just want to bring this idea as I have seen it running its course in the social media. What do you think about an eventual candidacy of Francois Nicholas Duvalier for Senate at the next election in Haiti?

There are many interests and many potential candidates for the coming election that has not been scheduled yet. However, it will be one of the most important one as it will create the environment for the next presidential election in Haiti

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Haiti to receive UN help to go after Jean-Claude Duvalier for crimes committed

The Human Rights Office, a branch of the United Nations, has decided to help the Haitian government prosecute former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier for the killings and tortures that took place under his government. The "Haitian Joudalist" was also informed that there are no statute of limitation for important human rights violations such as torture, rape and enforced disappearance. The Human Rights Office said that people who were victimized by the Jean-Claude Duvalier regime deserves justice.

Does anyone remember this Haitian proverb: "Bay kou bliye, pote mak sonje"

Translated into English: "He who gives the blow forgets; he who carries the scar remembers."

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Video of Jean-Claude Duvalier First Press Conference since returning in Haiti

Here is the first Press conference of Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier since his return in Haiti. This was brought to you by "The Haitian Joudalist". As many people wanted to hear from Jean-Claude's own mouth why he is in Haiti, what he decided to do in Haiti, for how long he intends to remain in Haiti.

Here is the video of the conference. You can judge for yourself.

Our job is to bring you the information directly from the source and let you make your own opinion

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Why did Jean-Claude Duvalier really return to Haiti?

The return of Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti make many people to ask the questions: Why?, Why now?, what are the intents?

Is it really because he wants to help his country as Jean-Claude Duvalier stated?

Does he have a political plan that we do not know about yet?

Did Jean-Claude Duvalier make an intelligent calculation on the potential charges that would likely file against him and also develop a strategy to deal with them.

Speculation on why Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti raised the point that Duvalier made a calculated judgment that this is the best possible moment to return to Haiti. The justice system in Haiti is still shaky and can be influenced.

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Jean-Claude Duvalier and wife Veronique Roy arriving in Haiti

The former President Jean-Claude Duvalier and his new wife Veronique Roy came to Haiti yesterday, January 16, 2011. The former president did not make any comment at the airport, however his wife Veronique Roy described the arrival of Jean-Claude Duvalier as very emotional. The former president greeted old friends and was visibly quiet.

Some are talking about the fact that Duvalier intends to play a role in the Haiti next presidential election. He is likely throw his support to one of the current candidates. Will it be Michele Martelly of Mirlande Manigat, as many people are now saying that these two are likely to be the ones selected for the runoff election.

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Another video of the arrival of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti

Here is another video of Jean-Claude Duvalier as he returns to Haiti. The former president has not been in the country since his exile. The population was glad to see him.

Here is the latest video .

Do you have an opinion about the return of former president Jean-Claude Duvalier?

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Video - Live Footage Of The Arrival Of Jean-Claude Duvalier In Haiti

This is a live video of the arrival of Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti. Live video report on the return of Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti. Stay connected with the "Haitian Joudalist to see and watch the latest video on the arrival of former president Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti.

This is history inthe making

As new pictures and videos of Jean-Claude arrival to Haiti unfolding, we will continue to share them with you

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