Phelito Doran appointed Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister

The Prime Minster's office of Communication has sent letters to newsrooms informing the Haitian general public that Pheklito Doran has been appointed Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister. She will be in charge of the relations of the office of the prime minister, with Parliament. She will succeed Ralph Théano and her appointment has been approved by the President. Before her appointment, Phelito Doran was Chamber of Deputies president in the Haitian 47th legislature. This move is one of the latest changes after the cabinet shake-up which happened after the El Rancho accord that was entered into by the various Haitian government branches.


Aside from this appointment, different Artiside party factions look to futures that are quite opposite. There are those who want to boycott politics until that time when their leader returns to Haiti, while others are of the onion that doing so won't be of much help and thus will push for his agenda in the forthcoming elections.

At present, Artiside is in South Africa where he lives in exile. However, as pragmatism begins to set in, and senior figures in Lavalas tend to cast an eye on the future, most of them are giving up on the notion, and have started cooperating with their opponents so as to organise the elections and thus save the populist idea of the movement, even if they don't manage to save its charismatic founder.

The opposition in Haiti has for long claimed oppression and interference by the government, and it has cited this as one of the reasons for the slow economic growth and development in the country.

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