PHTK agents voted often and multiple times in Haiti Election

According to several news sources in the media, Parti Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK) was involved ballot stuffing on Election day. They purchased ten of thousand of trafficked cards from accredited organizations and Mandates. It was also reported that paid agents or fanatics were voting multiple times on election day. The decision of the CEP to issue close to 14,000 accreditation cards to each political party was criticized. Many of these organizations were not politically neutral.


It is also a fact in Haiti history that violence and manipulation of the electoral process is often orchestrated by the government itself. During the election, the government is often the group that is involved in violence as it has the monopoly of violence. The government will often use whatever necessary to win.

This will lead them to invest in human. "Investir dans l'humain", meaning to pay someone to do the dirty job for you. This involves soliciting the help of organized gang to conduct violence, bulletin stuffing, or just creation panic. It has nothing to do with country.

Since nothing is free, what these gang will receive in return is similar to what business people often receive for their campaign contribution. The only difference is that these criminals who helped to get elected are not interested in new legislation in favor or their products or subsidies . Often what they will want from your government is to incorporate their members in certain key institutions such as Police, security where they will be able to continue their criminal activities.

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Subject: PHTK agents voted often and multiple times in Haiti Election edit

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