Religious Coalition Says No to Gay Marriage

President Gérard of the Coalition of Religious and Moral Organizations (HCRMO) and its members gathered together in June to denounce the trend of allowing gay people to wed. Gay marriage has taken hold in the U.S., with 13 states permitting gay people to marry in religious ceremonies.


In a news conference, Gérard spoke of the sacredness of marriage between a male and female, whose sexual union is for the purpose of procreation. Moreover, he said the nuclear family (a male and female couple) is the nexus of all cultures, and not to be interfered with. According to HCRMO, gay marriages will violate God's plan, precipitating a breakdown of family values.

HCRMO wants to warn the government of Haiti against enacting any laws that would permit gay couples to wed, either in civil or religious ceremonies. Referring to the bible, HCRMO believes God does not condone the practice of same-sex marriages. It points to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as proof God will, in his wrath, bring destruction upon those communities where same-sex unions are allowed to flourish. Because of its reading of Holy Scripture, HCRMO feels it is incumbent upon them to speak out against same-sex marriages. Violation of God's plan will inflict damage upon Haitian society.

President of the Protest Federation of Haiti, Sylvaint Exantus, is asking educators to share in the responsibility of developing a strong moral code in children they can use to guide their actions according to God's plan.

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