Simon Dieuseul Desras on Stanley Lucas

Dieuseul Simon Desras was a presidential candidate from the "Party for the Liberation of Masses and Social Integration" (PALMIS) in the last election who withdrew himself before the vote from the presidential run. Recently, Dieuseul (former Senate President) has asked the CEP to exclude Jovenel Moïse, the winner of the first runoff from the final runoff on December 27th.


Jovenel Moïse is a candidate, handpicked by President Martelly as his successor who is contesting the election from Martelly's own political party PHTK. Desras has also told the CEP to ban parties closest to the power like PHTK, KID and Bouclier. Otherwise, he believes that the first eight losing candidates (G8) would form a coalition with other opposition forces and mobilize to overthrow the government in power and dissolve the CEP.

We should remember that since the beginning, Dieuseul had always remained vocal to block every effort of Martelly to institutionalize the electoral system by the establishment of a permanent CEP.

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