Quincy Douby, NBA basketball player

Quincy Douby is one of the few Haitian-American basketball players who have made a great career out of his great playing modes. He was born in the states though his parents had moved into the states from Haiti during one of those high tempered political moments when everyone's lives were in danger. They had therefore decided to flee to safety and thus ended up in the states.


Quincy Douby attended college at Rutgers where he joined the college`s basketball team and where he recorded a great show of talent. As a freshman at Rutgers, Douby scored 35 points to lead the team to an overtime victory in the NIT semifinal game. This led to hi naming in the Big East All-Rookie Team by the end of his freshman year.

He is thus one of the few players who have been able to make it big out of their talent and great efforts in ensuring that they are able to easily make the best of what they were given at birth. Quincy Douby is also a player in the NBA team for a Spanish team where he has played for a couple of years and where he has presented a great show of his abilities.

In 2006 he was signed by the Sacramento Kings, nineteenth overall becoming the first player from Rutgers to be drafted in the first round ever since 1983. He is therefore a record to reckon with and a great player to watch out for. Quincy Douby has every intention of making it to the big names in the nationals such that he ensures he is able to get the best shots in all his games so as to warrant a great contract one where he will achieve all his life's dreams and wishes.

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