Moise Jean-Charles - Michel Martelly per diem expenses $20,000 a day fo travel

President Michel Martelly's administration has been faced with a series of controversies recently. One of the most recent issues is an allegation made by a Haitian senator from the country's North department, Moise Jean-Charles, regarding the President's lavish travel expenses.


Earlier this month, Senator Jean-Charles gave a speech in a Lavalas family party's rally in Brooklyn, New York and an interview to a Haitian newspaper, claiming that Martelly, his family and his staff were wrongly and excessively spending Haiti's money when traveling to other countries that amounted to millions of dollars. This included expensive aircraft rentals, vehicle buying, and unreasonably big withdrawals from the country's central bank for questionable purposes.

According to Jean-Charles, the President, when traveling abroad, receives 20,000 dollars a day. The First Lady gets 10,000 dollars a day while the Martelly children receive 7,500 dollars each. Even the President's entourage gets to spend 4,000 dollars each for a day. The Senator added that Martelly usually travels with about thirty individuals, making the cost of travel very high. In the past, a Haitian president would travel with only a 5,000-dollar allowance a day for his expenses and would only take a few people for his entourage.

Aside from the questionable travel expenses, Senator Jean-Charles added that President Martelly used the country's money in purchasing several luxury cars for his family and close friends. He also claimed that Martelly's government was renting out two helicopters for 150,000 dollars a month and a private plane for 1,700 dollars an hour.

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