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Barikad Crew accident on final day of parade

On February 17, 2015, a celebration in Port-au-Prince became a source of great sorrow when a crowded float came into the contact of live high voltage power line--17 people died and 78 were injured. The accident occurred during the second day of an annual carnival festival when a musical float was passing below an overhead power line. Someone from the float used a pole to move a live power line out of the way so that the float could pass under it. A recording from the 'Amateur Video' posted on YouTube shows that the cable touched the head of a singer (Darinus) from the hip-hop band 'Barikad Crew' as it was passing near the presidential stand packed with spectators. Seven people on the float were electrocuted, and others died in the ensuing panic.

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At least 15 dead when Barikad Crew float caught fire in Haiti Kanaval

Breaking News - Major accident during the Kanaval in Haiti. Early today (Tuesday, February 17, 2015), the float carrying the musical group Barikad Crew hit a high tension electrical power and as a result, over 15b people have been reported dead.

The float of the Barikad Crew caught fire on Rue Capois as it was going under a high tension electric tension cable near Champ de Mars. star rappers of the Barikad group, known as Phantom, was reported to be the one who first received the electric charge. He is now in critical condition at the hospital

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Barikad Crew Electrocuted in Kanaval, Phantom in Critical Condition

Following a major accident on the second day of Kanaval in Port-au-Prince, on February 17, 2015, 17 people died and at least 60 were injured of stampede in an ensuing panic by the bystanders. According to the news agency report, when float of the Barikad Crew was passing through on Rue Capois near the Champ de Mars, the star rappers of the Barikad group, known as Phantom, was reported to be the one who first received the electric charge.

He was standing on the float and removed a high tension power line with a pole so that their float can pass under it. Some of the victims were immediately electrocuted in a flash of sparks. Most of those killed appeared to have been trampled to death as the crowd surged away from the Carnival float. However, Phantom was in stable condition; the physicians were surprised that the singer didn't suffer a heart attack or die after coming in contact with the power line.

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Rapper, Jean Marc Andre, Da Marco, left Barikad Crew to Master Sun

There has been long standing rumors of rapper Jean Marc Andre separating from rap group Barikad Group. Jean Marc Andre, also known as Da Marco, finally announced at a concert that he will no longer be a part of the biggest Haitian rap group. Da Marco mentioned that he has resigned from the rap band citing personal differences between him and his other band members.

Jean Marc Andre said that he had tendered his resignation to Barikad Group and will no longer be a part of the group. He also ended speculations of whether he would join another group or start a band of his own. Da Marco said that he had joined Master Sun. Da Marco seemed to have been very clear about his decision and also gave away reasons for his decision. He said that his band members were becoming increasingly jealous of his popularity that they were unable to achieve. He mentioned that he had made far more progress over a period of time than any of his band members.

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The reconciliation of Izolan of Barikad Crew and Dug G of Rockfam

The young Rap artist Izolan was giving credit for an act considered to be of great character in 2011. One day, he called Dug G of Rockfam and invited him to come to perform together and even consider working together. The historic day came that same year when for the first time the public saw on stage Dug G at the Venisia Belisimo (Gressier) for the Hip Hop Festival organized every year by Izolan.

Do you remember the issue of "MOUCHOIR ROUGE" or "MOUCHOIR NOIR"?

Does anyone know the real story between Barikad crew and rockfam?

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