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An Answer to those who say Haitians should not risk their lives on Boat to reach the US

Once again, we have learned that some Haitian migrants perished at sea or as their body came ashore on the coast of Florida, the Bahamas or some islands near by. Often you hear: " The U.S. Coast Guard says an overloaded sailboat carrying migrants from Haiti has overturned and at least 10, 20 30, 40, 50,.... people have reportedly died.

Why do Haitians continue to risk their lives?

Has the information been published in Haiti, in the regions where those trips are being organized?

Do Haitian really know the risk?

They most pay those smugglers some good money. Why can't they use that same money to start a business in their own country instead?

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Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus's ship found off Haiti after 500 years

The first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean now has something more to add to its title.

Already classified as one of the world's most important underwater archaeological discoveries of all time, the long-lost remains of Christopher Columbus's flagship, Santa Maria, was discovered of the coast of Haiti. It is lying at the bottom of the sea off the north coast of Haiti.

Archaeology correspondent David Keys who revealed the discovery have been able to capture significant evidence to make his conclusion. The team is currently working with the Haitian government to carry out the excavation of the wreck.

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18 more Haitians dead as ship capsizes in Turks and Caicos Islands

Tragedy once again among Haitians guilty only for attempting to get a better life for their family. According to a, at least 18 Haitians migrants perished at sea when their boat capsized near Turks and Caicos Islands

The accident happened after Turks and Caicos marine branch police captured the boat and was towing it to a port. It was reported by the Caribbean Journal that 32 people were rescued by Turks and Caicos; however for 18, nothing could be done before they all drowned.

The last incident where Haitian boat people died at sea took place just one Month ago. In November, more than 30 people died when their boat sank off the Bahamas.

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At least 254 Haitians migrants dead at sea within past 5 years

Here is just a quick estimate of the number of Haitians who perished at sea while attempting to leave Haiti. The actual number is likely to be much greater. Just keep in mind that these people have only been trying to have a better life or provide for their family.

On May 4, 2007, it was reported that at least 61 Haitians migrants die at sea near Providenciales in Turks and Caicos Islands. The sailboat was carrying over 160 people.

On April 20, 2008: 22 Haitians died when a Speedboat carrying over 25 Haitian migrants sank near Nassau, Bahamas as they were attempting to reach the coast of Florida.

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10 Haitian died in overloaded boat in the Bahamas

According to Reuters, at least 10 Haitian migrants were killed as a result of a sinking boat in the Bahamas

The U.S. Coast Guard reported on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 that rescuers fought to save over 100 Haitians who were attempting to reach the US coasts in a 40-foot (12-metre), sail-powered freighter.

The ship capsized near Staniel Cay in a location in central Bahamas on Monday night.

Thirteen survivors were taken aboard a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter in direction to Staniel Cay for treatment.

The cause of the accident was unknown and will be investigated by Bahamian authorities

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The 2013 Carnival Celebration Aboard Adriana Cruise Ship

National Carnival 2012 Committee announced the arrangements of a three day cruise ship. The cruise ship is expected to be in the Bay of Cayes all through the Carnival festival beginning 19th February till 22nd February. The Adriana Cruise ship M.V. is to serve as a floating hotel in the Cap-Haitian and Jacmel Carnival in 2013.

The Cruise - 18th February To 22nd February

This floating hotel, Adriana Cruise Ship, has a large number of facilities and amenities. It is expected to depart in the afternoon on 18th February, Saturday from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. All night, on board there will be a Masquerade Ball. It will arrive at Cayes on the morning of 19th February.

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Titanic passenger Joseph Laroche was born in Haiti

Titanic is celebrating its 100th anniversary on April 15th. The movie has also been launched in 3D. Titanic is done by renowned producer James Cameron. Did you know there was a black Haitian man in the titanic? He was neither rich nor famous. Joseph Laroche is that man.

He was brought up in a wealthy family in Haiti. His uncle was the president of Haiti at that time. Being from a well to do family, Joseph Laroche travelled to France to do an engineering course when he was only 14. On arrival in France he pursued his engineering and graduated. He met Juliette, a young beautiful white girl and they fell in love. Juliette's father did not object to her daughter going out with a black man.

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Boat accident near la Gonave, Haiti. Five dead and Five rescued

Heavy wind and high waves sank a boat in Haiti, killing five people. According to the Associated Press, the incident happened on Monday night as the Haitians boat left the island of La Gonave. The ferry was transporting charcoal and banana as it was reported.

For the history, in May, 2008, at least 11 Haitians died after a passenger ferry capsized off southern Haiti.

In February, 1993, a heavily overloaded ferry sank in a storm off the coast of Haiti, drowning most of the 2,000 passengers believed aboard.

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