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Valerie Rateau from Mirebalais among the victims of Boston double explosion

Boston Marathon, one of the world's largest and oldest marathons, experienced a deadly climax when, with over 27,000 participants closing up on the finish line, two devices detonated without warning claiming 3 lives and leaving behind more than 100 injured. The sidewalks that were crowded with over 500,000 visitors was suddenly stained with blood and with several victims suffering from traumatic amputation.

Among the deceased was a boy of 8 years. Many other children and adults were rushed to the hospitals in critical conditions. Boylston Street, which was cheering up the international participants, suddenly turned into a container of random chaos followed by a graveyard silence. Officials have found out that the detonations were caused by gunpowder acting as explosives with shrapnel and ball bearing maximizing the impact.

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