"The enigma Préval" by Claude Romanian

Covering the Haitian political landscape for nearly half a decade, the insightful tome, 'The Enigma Préval' is Claude Romanian's new book chronicling the life and work of Haiti's former president Rene Préval, who twice won the republic's presidential elections and governed from 1996 to 2001 and then 2006 to 2011.


Using a timeline of his own journey, Romanian captured what are the true catalysts of misery in Haiti, showing that years of political corruption has fueled the activism movement but also served the purpose of enlightening today's youth of the current landscape, juxtaposed with the past, in an effort to bring them back to politics, breathing new breath and fresh life into the stagnant body.

In the book, Romanian questions the makeup of Haiti's ex-president, and how he won not one, but two elections, maintaining the aura of sang-froid--or downright insouciance--exhibited by him during his years of service, despite Haiti's figurative burning and without a distinct plan for the country and only empty promises. Romanian didn't shy away from criticizing Rene Préval for what some viewed as his cynicism or contempt for others, which, in the author's estimation, won him more enemies than friends at the end of his two 'wasted' presidential terms.

But the book is not only a discourse on corrupt, or at the least, flawed politicians, Romanian crafted this gem as a way to show future Haitian leaders how to govern by employing anecdotes that show them how not to govern. The public may judge for itself whether the current administration would have much to gain from perusing Romanian's book.

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