Haiti-born Bermane Stiverne threw a total of 447 jabs to beat Chris Arreola

The stakes were high when Haitian born boxer Bermane Stiverne entered the ring at the Citizens Business Bank Arena to battle Mexican-American fighter Chris Arreola. The high pressure fight took place in his opponent's California neighborhood and under the watchful eye of the Arena's audience plus the millions given access to the fight televised by HBO. The critics, media, and fans alike had all been loud in expressing the unlikelihood of Stiverne making a win. In fact, upping the ante, the underdog boxer had said he would quit the sport if he lost to Arreola.


Stiverne (23-1-1, 20 KO's) won the fight with fewer jabs than his opponent, battering Arreola's face to a bloody pulp. "I couldn't breathe," Arreola stated, referring to the damage done to his nose. Having also injured his left hand but never a quitter, Arreaola (35-3, 30 knockouts) got back up for round after round.

Stiverne did not win the fight without his own injuries. His strategy started with the use of his left stick as a diversion for the right hand with the occasional hard mid-body blow, but Arreola was able to pin him to the rope several times with his initial right shots and follow-up blows.

The stakes were as high as the sacrifices Stiverne made to ensure victory. He spent nine months at camp and away from his family except for short visits amounting to two weeks. As great as this victory was and as much as it validated his status as one to watch for the revitalization of the sport, his impending fight with Klitschko puts him right back where he'd started as the underdog.

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Subject: Haiti-born Bermane Stiverne threw a total of 447 jabs to beat Chris Arreola edit

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