Michel Martelly to answer critics in Kanaval, Sweet Mickey style

During the commemoration of the 2010 earthquake, President Michel Martelly took the opportunity to announce what's to come after his presidency. The president said that he doesn't believe in killing as others before him have done" We will not eliminate you, we will not make you disappear, we will not kill you, we will not kill your children, they will not find you in a pile of garbage". However the President said that he reserves the right to use the same microphone as Press freedom should apply to him as well. According to the president, we will see who is the toughest


WATCH VIDEO: Michel Martelly to answer his critics in Sweet Mickey Kanaval


Haitian Kreyol:

Martelly pwal kite Sweet Micky reponn kritik li anba libète laprès

Pandan komemorasyon tranbleman tè 2010 lan, Prezidan Michel Martelly te pran opòtinite pou anonse sa ki ap vini apre prezidans l' fini. Prezidan an te di ke li pa kwè nan touye tankou lot te konn fè "Nou pa pral elimine ou, nou pa pral fè ou disparèt, nou pa pral touye ou, nou pa touye pitit ou yo, yo pa pral jwenn ou nan yon pil fatra ". Sepandan Prezidan an di ke li rezève dwa pou sèvi ak menm mikwofòn sa kòm libète press ta dwe aplike pou li tou. Dapre prezidan an, nou pral wè ki moun ki pi di

Kisa ou panse?

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Subject: Michel Martelly to answer critics in Kanaval, Sweet Mickey style edit

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