Jacmel, a city of former wealthy coffee merchants

The City of Jacmel was originally founded 1698 and became a major coffee trading centre during the colonization period with some of its residents, wealthy coffee merchants, considered at the time to be some of the most influential people in the Colony.


One important event that will change the shape of this influential city of Jacmel was the fire of 1896. This fire reduced the entire city to almost nothing, with only a few buildings left standing. The city of Jacmel was rebuilt but this time with a structure that will prove itself over time. Many of the homes since the fire of 1896 were made with prefabricated cast-iron pillars and balconies which would withstand fire. These materials were designed and built in France and shipped to Haiti.

Jacmel's urban and architectural design has influenced New Orleans' French Quarter which followed the designs of the center of town of Jacmel. If you have a chance to visit New Orleans, you will the same iron structure replicated there

Today, we can see many of these homes in the historic city of Jacmel. Many mansions with their cast-iron furnishings of wealthy coffee merchants from that period have been preserved.

All these have contributed to the charm of the town which is a popular tourist destination in Haiti

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