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President Privert cancelled trip to Jacmel due to health Issues

What's wrong with President Privert? We just learned that the President was scheduled to travel to the city of Jacmel to celebrate its Patronal feast of Saint Jacques and Philippe as well as the festival of agriculture and labor but was unable to make it.

He was unable to make the trip due to health issues. That is what the Communication Office of the presidency announced. Presiddent Privert however, took the opportunity to wish all Haitian workers, to all sectors of national life, and to all Haitians in general, a Happy Feast of Agriculture and Labor.

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The Creation Of Mosaic Art In Jacmel

The colorful rebirth of the city of Jacmel began immediately following the 2010 Earthquake when Laurel True a prolific artist known for her vibrant style and founder of Louisiana based True Mosaics Studio, facilitated a city wide beautification project named "Mosaique Jacmel". She took Haitian young artists from the Art Creation Foundation For Children (ACFFC) to join her program.

Jacmel, the country's cultural capital, had almost become a pile of rubbles after the earthquake. However, the visitors who came to this city after the earthquake, were surprised to watch that dozens of walls in the plazas and public places were shining in vibrant colors. But, that was only the beginning, now Laurel True is the Director of the ACFFC Mosaique Jacmel program. The pictures and patterns of small multicolor stones used for beautification match so well with the arts and French colonial architecture of the city that the word "mosaic" has become synonymous to Jacmel. The new look is helping greatly to reshape Jacmel as a tourist destination. This process of beautification has scrapped the habit of the inhabitants throwing trash in the street.

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Matt and Julie Reichard to open Heaven's Angels Pediatric Clinic in Jacmel

Heaven's Angels Pediatric Clinic in Jacmel is a kid focused medical clinic that is going to be built by ministry of 'Freedom Global Outreach' (FGO) at a large primary school in Jacmel named 'Vie De France School'. 'Freedom Global Outreach' exists to rescue, shelter, mentor abandoned and orphaned children in Christian homes. They teach and assist to meet their physical and spiritual needs and help to break the cycles of poverty in their lives. The clinic will start in 2015 with two full time Registered Nurses-- Julie Reichard and Megan Brown with a team of doctors, other nurses and supporting staff from U.S and Canada. FGO never retain or withheld any administrative charges or fees from the support of a missionary or mission project. The project cost for the Heaven's Angels Pediatric Clinic at Jacmel has been estimated at $12,000.

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Airline Industry Officials Discuss Enlarging Jacmel Airport for Tourist Traffic

Plans to enlarge Jacmel Airport (JA) were discussed at a meeting at which Director General of the National Agency of Civil Aviation (OFNAC), Leopold Roumer, presided. Also present was Southeast Director of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries, Joan Raton, and IBIDAA Delegate, Christine Stephenson. They discussed how to technically augment the existing terminal, with the National Authority and OFNAC consulting on the matter. Plans to move the terminal to another site was considered so more air traffic could be handled, but finally it was decided to leave the terminal at its current location and make upgrades to it there.

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Ecole Nationale Edeze Gousse and Lycee Celie Lamour in Jacmel access to handicap

The Government of Haiti in collaboration with USAID took part in the reopening up of some existing primary and secondary schools in Jacmel that were recently equipped with facilities for the handicapped. These schools, which are Ecole Nationale Edèze Gousse and Lycée Célie Lamour, have some items installed in them such as paved alleyways, adapted toilets, ramps and handrails.

The Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities in Haiti, Mr. Gerald Oriol, said that this rehabilitation of the schools opens up opportunities for the handicapped youth, and it is also a means of sensitizing the community on the importance of having such facilities and other public facilities accessible to the public as well as to the people with disabilities so that they are fully incorporated in the society.

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Jacmel Cathedral Reconstruction Begins September 2014

Jacmel's Cathedral sustained heavy damage from the 2010 earthquake. Enough funds have been raised to rebuild the structure, and groundbreaking will happen in September 2014. Renovation of the Cathedral is estimated to take two years and cost between seven and eight million USD.

Bishop of Jacmel, Mgr. Launay Saturne, offered these details and others at a media conference. He shared Miyamoto Haiti (of Miyamoto International) would engineer and construct the Cathedral, and the redesign would be done by the Partnership for the Reconstruction of the Church in Haiti (PROCHE). PROCHE is not the only funder for the Cathedral project. A special commission was formed to raise money through community events such as concerts and arts and crafts fairs.

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The establishment of the Museum of Carnival of Jacmel

What would Jacmel tourism be without a decided slant towards the Carnival lift that makes the town so popular? It is a question Jacmel residents raised and the government listened to. Plans for the building of a Museum of Carnival in the city of Jacmel have been outlined and should be completed and the museum inaugurated by the end of 2013 or by the start of next year.

On October 14 and 15, 2013, the project was given the go ahead in the workshop meetings of the body comprised of the Southeast Departmental Directorate of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, UNESCO representatives, artisans and those from the education sector and other local authorities including, Hugues André Paul, the mayor of Jacmel, Jean Solage, the deputy mayor of Jacmel, and the technical assistant of culture and Heritage for the Spanish Cooperation, Carola Paredes.

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The Court of Jacmel, Restoring over 100 years of history

Three years ago, the Court of First Instance in Jacmel was a crumbled heap that didn't bode well for restoration plans. Even the engineer who would eventually oversee the restoration effort, Jean-Marie Dutreuil, thought the once-proud, 100 year old building was fit only to be leveled to the ground. It is the good fortune of the city, the country and the many inmates overrun in the Jacmel prison who are awaiting trial that a little bit of faith was extended, and a very important part of Haiti's judicial history will be fit to stand for at least another 100 years.

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Millions in Private Investment to make Haiti Tourist Magnet

The government of Haiti (GOH) wants to rebuild the island by developing its hospitality infrastructure to increase tourism. Haiti, at one time, had a thriving tourist industry, but the 2010 earthquake changed all that. Now GOH is banking on foreign investors to resuscitate Haiti's ailing tourist trade. It has signed contracts with private investors, giving them tax breaks over a 15-year period to develop resort projects. To sweeten the deal, GOH is also extending exemptions for import duties, so 11 hospitality projects can be given the go-ahead. The total sum of the proposed projects amounts to $160 million USD. Another $100 million in in-progress ventures is also on the books.

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Aristide's Arch Enemy Gerard Pierre-Charles

Writer, economist, and firebrand Gérard Pierre-Charles was born in Jacmel in 1935. A radical, whose political beliefs were shaped by the government of Haiti's failed attempts at democracy, he co-founded a Marxist organization. In 1959, feared dictator François Duvalier caused him to flee to Mexico.

For the next quarter-century, Pierre-Charles taught economics at Mexico City University. He achieved respect as an academician and political extremist. He co-founded Haitian Unified Communist Party (HUCP) and waited for Jean-Claude Duvalier to be deposed, which happened in 1986.

Back in Haiti, he grew disenchanted with the Communist Party, and became an ally of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who had founded Lavalas Party. Aristide was riding high on a wave of popular support, assuming the presidency in 1991. But military opposition ousted him shortly into his presidency. Pierre-Charles seized control of Lavalas and shaped it into an effective political tool, Lavalas Political Organization.

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