List of Haitian presidents removed from office or ousted in Coup D'Etat

Haiti became an independent country on January 1, 1804. For the past 210 years since the first day of its independence, the country has had 44 Presidents so far. There is a very amusing and unprecedented fact behind the reign of these 44 Presidents-- 23 of them were ousted in Coup D' Etat. The story of ousting Presidents started with the first leader of the nation, Henri Christophe, who was a former slave and a key leader of the Haitian Revolution. He was elected President of the State of Haiti on 17 February 1807. Christophe committed suicide by shooting himself with a silver bullet rather than risking a coup and assassination. Since then the game of Coup D' Etat never seems to end in Haiti. Here is the list:


(1)Jean Pierre Boyer (ruled for 25 years) overthrown in 1843; (2) Riviere Riviere-Herald (ruled for 1 year) overthrown in 1844; (3) Jean Louis Pierrot (ruled for about 1 year) overthrown in 1846; (4) Faustin Soulouque (ruled for about 12 year) overthrown in 1859; (5) Fabre Nicholas Geffrard (ruled for 8 years) overthrown in 1867 ; (6) Michel Domingue (ruled for 2 years) overthrown in 1876; (7) Boisrond Canal (ruled for 3 years) overthrown in 1879; (8) Lysius Felicite Salomon (ruled for 9 years) overthrown in 1888; (9) Francois Legitime (ruled for almost 2 years ) overthrown in 1889; (10) Nord Alexis (ruled for 6 years ) overthrown in 1908; (11) Antoine Simon (ruled for almost 2 years ) overthrown in 1911; (12) Michel Oreste (ruled for 9 months) overthrown in 1914; (13) Oreste Zamor (ruled for 1 month) overthrown in 1914; (14) Davilmar Theodore (ruled for just a few months ) overthrown in 1915; (15) Elie Lescot (ruled for 5 years) overthrown in 1946; (16) Dumarsais Estime (ruled for 4 years ) overthrown in 1950; (17) Paul Magloire (ruled for 6 years ) overthrown in 1956; (18) Daniel Fignole (ruled for 1 month ) overthrown in 1957; (19) Jean-Claude Duvalier's (ruled for 15 years) overthrown 1986; (20) Leslie Manigat (ruled for few months) overthrown in 1988; (21) Henri Namphy (ruled for few months ) overthrown in 1989; (22) Prosper Avril (ruled for almost 1 year ) overthrown in 1990; (23) Jean-Bertrand Aristide, elected in 1991 and was overthrown twice in 1991 and in 2004.

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Subject: List of Haitian presidents removed from office or ousted in Coup D'Etat edit

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