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Shabba engaged to Marie Diane Claude

Herve Anthenor, Known under his artist name Shabba, has decided to decided to make things more formal with the mother of his three children. He has decided to get engaged with Diane Claude, whom he had an 11 years relationship with. The demand was made Wednesday, June 20, 2016.

The wedding is expected to take place sometime in December of this year with the ceremony taking pace in New York while the reception scheduled for Haiti.

This will give me plenty of time to save n order to purchase a new jacket for the event

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Shabba of Djakout #1 accused Roro and Pouchon of being jealous of his success

High emotion growing within the Haitian Kompa band Djakout # 1. After more than 17 years of working together, anger, hate, Shabba made a damaging accusation on the drummer Roro Lainé and singer and Pouchon Duverger, by revealing that these two were jealous of him because of his achievements in music.

Things could have been brewing inside of Roro without showing; however, he feels that he couldn't hold it any longer with this latest behavior coming from his partners.

How did it begin?
Shabba is in the process of producing his third solo album and both Roro and Pouchon were invited to participate in it but declined his invitation. Roro claimed that their refusal t take part on his new album confirms that they are jealous of him for his success in music.

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Award Ceremony, Best Performers at Haiti National Carnival 2013

Haitian Minister of Culture, Josette Darguste awarded the winners of National Carnival, 2013 during the award ceremony held at Ibo Lele hotel. The award ceremony was marked by the presence of President Michel Martelly along with Sophia Martelly (his wife), Minister of Tourism, Stéphanie Villedrouin. Various other big-shot personalities were also present at the award ceremony. The three winners of the National Carnival were:

• Anbyans - received the 'Award of originality in the creation'.
• Djakout #1 - received the 'Award of best popular animation'.
• Orchestre Septentrional - received the 'Award of the perfomance'.

The winners were awarded with USD 15,000 check each. The groups Barikad, Zatrap, Team Lobey, T-Micky and T-vice were awarded with medals while Fils, Vorbes and NATCOM were awarded with certificates for the invaluable support they provided to National Carnival Cap-Haitien 2013.

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New Music video for Djakout Number 1 - Pwofite

Djakout Number One - Pwofite

This is the latest Music Video from the New and improved Djakout Number 1 album titled Pwofite. As you may know, the band is no longer called Djakout Mizik but instead Djakout Number One. This song is titled Pwofite.

Watch the video now and tell me what you think about it

In my opinion, this video is good production. This new album will help the population and in particular fans of Djakout to embrace the new name for the band.

However, one thing is for sure, the new album from Djakout will not be equal to "La Familia" album. I think that "La Familia album will for ever remain their greatest success.

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