Do you think Donald Trump has respect for women?

On May 17, 2016, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, debuted her primetime special 'Megyn Kelly' Presents. The big attraction of the night was her sit-down with the Republican Party nominee, presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump. We might remember that in last year, on August 6th, Kelly had to respond Trump's personal attack, because Trump felt she unfairly questioned his antagonistic remarks about women. Kelly asked him about his history of calling women "pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. Later, in his Twitter, Trump called Kelly a "bimbo," "crazy," and a "lightweight," and refused to participate in the next debate since Kelly was to serve as one of the moderators.


In last April Kelly mate privately with Trump and asked for a truce and requested a seat in her primetime special. Kelly is a very popular anchor because she has never shied away from the tough questions. This time she asked Trump about his presidential aspirations, failed marriages, and his alcoholic brother. She also asked him whether he has any regrets over any controversial remarks. Trump said, yes, but he does not want to them discuss here. When finally Kelly asked him about the last feud and calling her 'bimbo', he said "Did I say that?", "Okay, excuse me. That's not the most horrible thing. Over your life, you've been called a lot worse" .The program ended in a formal way, but Kelly did not get the apology she deserved.

Do you think Donald Trump respects women?

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