A slowdown in inflation observed in Haiti

A graphical view of the Haitian Inflation Rate in recent years will look like a turbulent sea, filled with wave-like undulations that can spell hope of dread for the future within Haitian businesses and households. At the beginning of a new year, the forecast coming out of the Banque de la République d'Haiti, which has the responsibility of reporting the rate, was that the seas were looking calmer for Haiti's inflation rate.


The November 2013 numbers leveled out to a low of 4.20. That was the lowest rate not just for 2013, but was also lower than the lowest mark, 4.9, recorded in July of 2012. Since the inflation rate in the country is a benchmark of the wide fluctuation of prices paid by consumers for the usual quantity of commodities, the news augurs well for the turning tide in the long-suffering country.

The lowered price of items such as millet at -0.1%, bread at -0.5% and potatoes at -0.7%, has made the purchasing power of the average Haitian much stronger. Other products that showed a progressive level of inflation included peas, of the green and dried variety, lemons, oranges and grapefruits and yams. Items such as wheat, rice, eggs, sugar, flour, edible oils and spaghetti showed just a small increase of 0.1%.

Outside of food, the price of resources such as charcoal and kerosene has remained at a steady rate, and propane has decreased to -0.1%. Also, in the housing industry, in terms of the maintenance and development of housing, a hot topic now in the country, the interest rate has been reported at 3.7%.

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