After the group of G8, now come G30 headed by Louko Desir

Who said that Haitians could not put their head together to accomplish something? The proof can be seen just after the election. After a group of candidate got behind Jude Celestin as G8, now is the turn of an ever bigger group called G30, to get in and demostrate that in fact they can sing the song "Lunion fait la Force" or "Unity is strength". Louko Desir who you may well know as being the Presidential candidate who came last in the last election is one of the initiators of this project. According to Louko, G30 is political group 30 candidates who participated in the last presidential election. They have decided to put ideas from various political parties and have them to become one single project. Louko Desir went on to say that the group G30 has met in several occasions in the past and will soon issue a note to let the public know about their position.


Haitian Kreyol

Louko Desir ki te pote lamp nan Rara pou eleksyon sa (vini an denye)

Ki moun ki di ke Ayisyen pa t 'kapab mete tèt yo ansanm pou akonpli yon bagay? Nou tout wè Prèv la jis apre eleksyon an. Apre yon gwoup kandida te rasamble dèyè Jude Celestin kòm G8, kounye a yon gwoup pi gwo ki rele G30, mete tèt yo ansanm pou demostrate ke an reyalite yo ka chante chante sa a, "Lunion fait la Force" oswa "Inite se fòs".

Louko Desir ki te kandida Prezidansyèl nan eleksyon ki sot pase a se youn nan moun ki vini ak pwojè sa a. Pa bliye Louko Desir se candida sa ki te pote lamp nan Rara pou eleksyon sa ( sa vle di" Li te vini an dènye).

Dapre Louko, G30 se 30 kandida ki te patisipe nan eleksyon ki sot pase a. Yo te deside mete lide yo ansanm anba yon sèl pwojè. Louko Desir di ke gwoup G30 sa la te rankontre nan plizyè okazyon e byento yo ape bay yon nòt sou pozisyon yo.

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Subject: After the group of G8, now come G30 headed by Louko Desir edit

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