Protest against PHTK Candidate Jovenel Moïse in New York

Several dozens of Haitian were protesting on Saturday (November 21) outside of the Manor Palace in New York City as candidate Jovenel Moise was talking to a group of people inside. It was reported that protesters were present at every appearance of the PHTK candidate. It was remarked that the treatment received by Jovenel Moïse was that of a Haitian official and not of a candidate. He was welcomed at New York airport by a delegation from the Consul General of Haiti in New York driven in state cars. It is assumed that his expenses for the trips are being covered by the Haitian and U.S. government.


WATCH VIDEO: Caution: This video has words that may not suitable for all audiences.
Protest in New York against Jovenel Moise during visit

Haitian-Americans Protest against Presidential Candidate Jovenel Moise

Presidential candidate, Jovenel Moise, making campaign appearances in New York, courtesy of Haitian and U.S. governments. They are subsidizing his expenses: air travel, luxury cars and more.

Arriving at JFK the Haitian General Consul in New York greeted him warmly, but he got an icy reception from Haitian-Americans, the largest Diaspora in the U.S. Haitian-Americans know Moise is allied with current President Martelly and if elected will carry forward his corrupt policies.


Pwotestasyon contre Kandida PHTK Jovenel Moyiz nan New York -

Plizyè douzèn Ayisyen tape pwoteste nan Samdi (21 novanm) deyò nan Manor Palace nan New York City pandan kandida Jovenel Moyiz te ape pale ak yon gwoup moun anndan an.

Yo rapòte ke te gin manifestan prezan nan chak aparans kandida PHTK a.

Moun yo remake que tretman yo ba Jovenel Moyiz se tankou yon ofisyèl ayisyen, pa tankou yon kandida. Li te akeyi nan ayewopò New York pa yon delegasyon ki soti nan Konsil Jeneral Ayiti nan Eta New York, kondwi nan machin ofisyel.

Moun yo panse ke depans li pou vwayaj yo tout kouvri pa gouvènman Ayisyen an ak peyi Etazini.

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Keener Michel says...

Ils perdent leur temps pour rien ces imbeciles d'Aristide.

Jovenel Moise all the way. CE li Haiti besoin.

Arrete moun kap fe dezod

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Shime says...

manifestation ca yo moin pas connin cote yo ap rive moin ta rennen connin qui ca yoap ranger ou bien deranger ce yo carte pelouse pou yon noune acheter pou oue comment match ca ap fini moin pas croue si antoine nan gonier comme bon bocor si li te ap viv toujour te ca oue on bagaille nan coze ca

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