College Catts Pressoir, Haiti

Seeking to provide the greatest number of students they can with the highest level of education is the edict of the Collège Catts Pressoir in Port-au-Prince on Martin Luther King Avenue. An ambition even more to be admired as, when it was started in October of 1955 by Jeanine Vaval Laroche and her husband Ernest, the college was located then in the tiny room of a house on Nazon Alley.


Special programs included private lessons taught by Jeanine, and the school also catered to students who had difficulties in learning. Very early College Catts Pressoir made a promise to provide competent, learned and charismatic teachers to impart the necessary skills and requisite education through advice and explanation to the students, and they quickly established the confidence of parents, causing the demand for places at the school to rise. This led to a move to a building, currently the computer lab at the new location.

The sacrifice of the husband and wife team of educators has been vast. Mr. Vaval gave up a promising career in medicine to assist his wife in her endeavor. The school was able to prosper because of the high educational standards adopted by the Vaval's. They hire only the best teachers and invest the college's earnings into the continued modernization of the institution.

Today, Collège Catts Pressoir, noted as the first school in Haiti with an internet presence, continues to keep itself at the forefront of the modernized educational system where excellence is expected and success mandatory. Registration for the 2013-2014 school year began in January.

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