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How a trip to Haiti can get you to Harvard University

Beside the many well-intentioned young children who usually take non profit mission trips to poor countries such as Haiti and others, some college-bound students are engaged in them just to increase their chances in getting into a good university. Frank Bruni who wrote the article: "To Get to Harvard, Go to Haiti?" calls it "drive-by charity work" in a the interest to impress admission staff.

He gave examples where some friends post on Snapchat and Instagram "typically showing one of them "with some poor brown child aged 2 to 6 on their knee" and explained "while many are well-intentioned, some seem not to notice poverty until an exotic trip comes with it."

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College Sainte Rose de Lima, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

College Sainte Rose de Lima is a congregation, a private school that is located in Grandes Antilles, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The school was created by Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny. Divided into two parts, the Sainte Rose de Lima operates as Primary and Secondary School. Sister of Presentation Pascal leads the primary school which consists of grades 1st to 6th. The secondary school on the other hand is led by Sister Anne Marie. The secondary school consists of 7th grade to Philosophy.

In College Sainte Rose de Lima, the building for primary school has a capacity of 40 students on an average for each classroom and there are 12 classrooms in total. For recreation, the primary school also has a playground-large-box in form of a small bar. The secondary school on the other hand has 14 classrooms that includes 2 classrooms built in the new building that was built and completed in the year 1994. The top floor holds the "former old box", language laboratory, computers, and Marian Youth room who were the former residents of the dormitory.

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College Soeurs de La Charite de Saint-Louis de Bourdon or St Louis de Bourdon

Collège Soeurs de La Charité de Saint-Louis de Bourdon or St Louis de Bourdon is a Roman Catholic Institution held privately. Located at the central point between Petionville and Port-au-Prince in the Bourdon borough of Haiti, the school has always followed the education system that has long prevailed in Haiti. Thus, St Louis de Bourdon offers both primary and secondary schools. The primary school includes grade K to grade 6 while the secondary schools extends from grade 7 to philosophy grade.

The Collège Soeurs de La Charité de Saint-Louis de Bourdon or St Louis de Bourdon was founded by a France based congregation called Sisters of Charity of St. Louis. The person who played the instrumental role in founding the congregation in 1803 was Marie Louise Elizabeth de Lamoignon. The goal of the ever expanding congregation was to impart education to young women globally and the same goal led the congregation to open the college in Haiti.

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College Roger Anglade, Port-au-Prince Haiti

Sometimes referred to as College Roger A. Anglade, the College Roger Anglade or the CRA is a primary and secondary school that is held privately. CRA operates with one single motto - Higher & Higher or as they say in Haiti - Toujours plus haut. The school logo displays this motto of CRA. Roger Anglade founded the College Roger Anglade in 1957 along with Raymonde Anglade, his wife. The school suffered a significant structural damage during the devastating earthquake of 2010. Located in Port-au-Prince, the College Roger Anglade is one of the most prestigious and famous schools in Haiti.

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College Catts Pressoir, Haiti

Seeking to provide the greatest number of students they can with the highest level of education is the edict of the Collège Catts Pressoir in Port-au-Prince on Martin Luther King Avenue. An ambition even more to be admired as, when it was started in October of 1955 by Jeanine Vaval Laroche and her husband Ernest, the college was located then in the tiny room of a house on Nazon Alley.

Special programs included private lessons taught by Jeanine, and the school also catered to students who had difficulties in learning. Very early College Catts Pressoir made a promise to provide competent, learned and charismatic teachers to impart the necessary skills and requisite education through advice and explanation to the students, and they quickly established the confidence of parents, causing the demand for places at the school to rise. This led to a move to a building, currently the computer lab at the new location.

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Collge Canado-Haitien, Port-au-Prince

Located at Port-au-Prince in Haiti, the Collège Canado-Haitien is a school that was established in 1969 in Turgeau. The school was founded by Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Canado-Haitien later integrated students attending high school in other schools founded by Brothers of the Sacred Heart like Saint-Jean L'Evangeliste, Pope John XVIII School and Liberia School. The Canado-Haitien also served students of other schools like Saint-Louis de Gonzague School, The Petit Séminaire Collège Saint Martial and others.

Collège Canado-Haitien had a four-floor campus before the 2010 earthquake and consisted of 31 classrooms, the secretariat, a cafeteria, a library, an auditorium, the Direction (place for bureau of counselors, asst. principals and principals), two volleyball and two basketball courts. Right next to the Collège Canado-Haitien was the center of Canado-technical center. The building of Canado-technical center was also hit by the earthquake and was damaged severely. It is now being repaired. The Collège Canado-Haitien was hit badly and of 31 classrooms, only 3 are intact. The Direction, the secretariat and the cafeteria were not harmed by the earthquake.

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Justice for Rooldine Lindor, Haitian student assassinated in Dominican Republic

The verdict was pronounced on the killer of Haitian College student, Rooldine Lindor. Eddy Sterlin Mendoza was convicted to spend 30 years in Dominican prison for the assassination of Rooldine Lindor. The Police officer involved did not receive a sentense.

In addition, it was determined by the court that Student Rooldine Lindor was not raped by her bandit.

As you may remember, Rooldine Lindor was 20 year old, College Student who was murdered in an apartment in the Dominican Republic on July 12, 2011. The report indicated that she was looking for an apartment when her assailants murdered her.

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