Black Immigration Network wants implementation of Haitian Family Reunification

The Black Immigration Network (BIN) is fighting the Obama administration (OA) on its immigration policies. In 2010 a cataclysmic earthquake took 250,000 Haitian lives and caused displacement of many more millions from their homes. Families have been torn asunder, yet to be reunified. BIN has written Obama, pressing for the Department of Homeland Security (DOHS) to create and put into action a Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program. "The time to . . . reunite Haitian-Americans with . . . family members is now," the letter said in part.


A secondary issue is deportation of immigrants--387,000 of them--in the last five years. Just weeks after the quake, the OA deported 250-plus immigrants, some of whom were deathly ill. The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting discovered OA went against its policy of finding other ways to avoid deportation under life-threatening and humanitarian emergencies. DOHS has issued 110,000 visas for reunification of families, but people are on a waitlist, extending at least 12 years.

Recently the crossing of immigrant children over from Mexico into Texas has raised the issue of immigration reform anew. Obama promised he would repair the immigration system to the point of taking executive action. BIN says the solution is simple. All Obama need do is order DOHS to develop an expedited visa procedure under the Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program. BIN hopes Obama will undertake their suggestion and waste no time to start the process of reunification of Haitians.

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