Jepht Bastien, Haitian film director

Jepht Bastien is a Haitian born and raised film maker who has won some of the greatest awards in the industry. He won the Claude Jutra Award for best feature film by a first-time film director at the 31st Genie Awards in 2011. He is thus a very prominent and well known person all over the country who has been able to achieve a great deal of achievements for a person of his caliber.


Jepht Bastien lives in the city of Montreal where he has resided for a long time now. He is however from Haiti where he established an interest in the film making industry and where he was able to raise his talent and grow it to what it is today. It was out of his nurturing of this talent that he has been able to easily make it this far and the reason why he is still able to do so well in this industry.

Jepht Bastien has had numerous shows where he has produced films that have made it further than most of the produced films get to. He is thus a very talented and ambitious fellow who has made the industry look better than most would have guessed it to be. He has also been able to gather enough money some of which he has spent on the various community volunteer projects which are mainly meant to establish a better Haiti and make it grow.

This also aims at achieving a great country free of poverty a situation which has been in need for the last couple of decades. It has seen various leaders who have taken it further back than it should be as it was one of the newest and oldest nations to gain independence. It has however not been able to get far and thus needs more volunteers as Jepht.

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