Edmond Mulet Blames Haiti for Cholera Spread - Video

According to UN Peacekeeping Deputy Edmond Mulet, the Cholera epidemic that has spread in Haiti is the result of Haiti Underdevelopment and this is what should be blamed. I can't help but to think about something similar that use to happen with women who have been raped. Women were blamed for wearing something too sexy or too tight.


This statement of Edmond Mulet, blaming the victim, in this case Haiti, for the spread of Cholera in Haiti is out of this world. The same way Haiti is now being blamed by Edmond Mulet as the victim

Does Edmond Mulet forget that the cholera in Haiti was triggered when sewage from infected peacekeepers was discharged into the water system.

Does he forget that several scientific studies revealed that the disease was introduced to Haiti by troops from Nepal, where the cholera is endemic.

Is this the reason why the UN does not want to take responsibility for this or to pay damages to the family?

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Pierre says...

if they were one haitian who have a little decency this man should be ban from haiti for those type of

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Patrick Gaspard says...

Edmond MULET.

Que vous suggere ce nom?

Haitiens il est plus que temps pour nous de nous montrer responsables et de prendre en mains les destinees de notre pays. Autrement ce sera bientot la fin de notre

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Subject: Edmond Mulet Blames Haiti for Cholera Spread - Video edit

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