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Talk underway to remove MINUSTAH from Haiti

Jacqueline Charles, the Caribbean correspondent with the Miami Herald, stated that the U.N. is in talks with the Haitian authorities about taking peacekeepers out of Haiti. They are negotiating how to maintain peace on on the Caribbean island without the U.N. It is not clear how they will be able to do that. Some Haitians want the U.N.'s presence to be replaced by a new Haitian Military force.

The U.N. has been in Haiti for the past 13 years or since the 2004 coup that overthrew former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Some of the soldiers have been involved in local sexual abuse. They are also responsible for bringing the cholera epidemic to Haiti

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Canada to take over command MINUSTAH in Haiti from Brazil

Canada agrees to replace Brazil and take command over UN stabilization mission in Haiti. UN stabilization mission in Haiti currently has 2,370 soldiers, 2,600 police officers, and 1,500 civilian officials on the ground in Haiti, including five Canadian soldiers and 90 police officers. Based on an agreement between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in February, 2016, Canada will increase it participation in UN Peacekeeping missions in Haiti by sending 1,000 to 2,000 police officers and soldiers and take over command of the UN mission from Brazil after its mission mandate expires in October.

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Two Female MINUSTAH officers found dead in Cap-Haitian

Two female officers from the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) found dead in Cap-Haitian. This took place on the night between December 29 and 30, 2015 in their quarters in Cap Haitien. The officers, both were from Rwanda. A joint investigation is underway between MINUSTAH and Haiti National Police (PNH) to find the cause.

Haitian Kreyol:

Yo jwenn de ofisye Fi MINUSTAH mouri nan Cap ayisyen

De ofisye fi ki te fè pati Nasyonzini Misyon Estabilizasyon an Ayiti (MINUSTAH) yo te jwenn mouri nan Cap ayisyen. Sa a te pase nan lannwit ant 29 ak 30 Desanm, 2015 nan kay yo nan Cap Haitien. Pa gen okenn enfòmasyon sou ki peyi yo soti; sepandan yon ankèt ap fèt ant MINUSTAH ak Polis Nasyonal Ayiti (PNH) pou yo jwenn kòz lanmo a.

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More Police, Less Troops, MINUSTAH to leave Haiti by 2016

In fact, if everything goes according to plan, The United Nations will be out of Haiti by October, 2016 or exactly one year from now. Sandra Honore who is currently in charge of the peacekeeping mission in Haiti was able to receive one year extinction from U.N. Security Council to keep the troop in order to assist wit the upcoming elections.

The one year this time is focused more on Police offices to train Haiti national Police force. This one yea renewal will involve 2,370 troops and 2,601 police officers. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expects a total withdrawal by October of 2016.

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Force Commander of MINUSTAH, Jose Luiz Jaborandy, Jr. dead

Sudden death of the Force Commander for the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) Lieutenant General José Luiz Jaborandy, Jr. This took place on August 30, 2015 while he was on a trip from Miami to Brazil.

Lieutenant General Jaborandy, Jr., became the Commander of MINUSTAH since March 2014. He joined the Brazilian Army in 1976, then graduated as an infantry officer in 1979. He subsequently had a distinguished military career with several senior command and staff positions.

What do you think?

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UN Peacekeepers sexual abuse Haitian women and Minors

There is a famous quote by Christopher Marlowe that goes like that: " Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position". In the case of the UN Peacekeepers in Haiti, money can in fact buy love. A report just released found that several members of a U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti have been engaged in "transactional sex" with more than 225 Haitian women for just basic needs.

These U.N. peacekeepers have exchanged food, care items, medication, household items for a moment of good time. The have been able to convince some urban as well as rural Haitian women on their offers. Urban women have been rewarded with tings such as money, cell phones, laptop and perfume; while rural women receive food, medication, and items for the house.

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Shooting Death of Chilean Peacekeeper in Haiti

On Monday, April 13, 2015, a Chilean peacekeeper, Sergeant Rodrigo Sanhueza, who was part of the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti, was shot dead during a violent protest in Ouanaminthe, a commune located in the North East Department of Haiti. Second Sergeant Rodrigo Andres Sanhueza Soto came to Haiti on UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and was providing security near the Dominican border, Ouanaminthe, before his military vehicle was fired upon by violent protesters demanding electricity. He succumbed to fatal injury from a gunshot by protesters. He was hit and rushed to the UN force's Uruguay Battalion for medical care, but died of his wounds.

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U.N. troops out in six out of 10 Departments by Election time in Haiti

The Haitian government that has been relying so much on the UN to provide some kind of stability in the country is worried as United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti(MINUSTAH) announced that they will not be present in 6 of the 10 Departments for the presidential, legislative and municipal elections.

MINUSTAH is currently conducting a staged withdrawal in Haiti. Within the next two years, it expects to withdraw most of its soldiers from the Northeast, Northwest, Central, Grand'Anse, Nippes and Southeast of Haiti.

The Haitian government doesn't not have a plan yet to replace the UN force that will be leaving. According to Haitian minister responsible for election-related matters, Fritz Jean-Louis, the withdrawal is a big concern. Local electoral authorities are concerned as well.

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U.N. Troops Out In Six Out Of 10 Departments By Election Time

Haitian government and local election authorities have expressed their concerns over security on U.N decision to withdraw U. N Troops from six of the 10 departments in the country, including the Northeast, Northwest, Central, Grand'Anse, Nippes and Southeast. They are fearing this could undermine the process of presidential, legislative and municipal elections. The MINUSTAH has undertaken a staged withdrawal of soldiers over the next two years and has plans to deploy troops only in the North, Antibonite, South and West departments. Recently, on Monday, March 16, President Martelly has announced August 9 and October 25 as the scheduled dates for country's long overdue legislative and municipal elections, as well as the next presidential election. Elections for two-thirds of the Senate will be held on August 9 as well as the entire lower chamber of deputies. The presidential election will be held on October 25, with a presidential runoff, if necessary, on December 27. Fritz Jean-Louis, the Haitian minister responsible for election-related matters, has said that it is not only a matter of worries for the Haitian government alone, but it is equally a matter of concern for several countries and other partners helping the country's election process. However, this withdrawal could have happened in a manner that would allow to overcome our shortcomings.

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Minustah and Haitian Police now provide security to Dominican trucks now

The business of providing goods to Haiti must not stop for any reason. The Observer just learned that members of the United Nations Mission for Stability in Haiti (Minustah) and the Haitian police are now escorting some some of the Dominican trucks entering Haiti to deliver merchandises to insure their security.

Mr. Blas Peralta who is the president of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation reported that a guarded route has been established where the Dominican trucks will enter Haiti from Jimani to the town of Kwadebouke and Haiti International Airport

The power of the economy:
This is interesting to observe. No major decisions have been made by any of the two government until there are some economic consequences. As you can see once the problem starts affecting some deep pockets, a solution to the crises is found, not when a poor Haitian was hanged.

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