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Jose Mujica of Uruguay to remove troops due to Haiti political impasse

Is he trying to say that Haiti is a basket case and that nothing worth while can be accomplished there?

You can interpret however you want, however Uruguay president Jose Mujica no longer wants to take any part in this mess.

He said recently that he plans to remove his country's nearly 1,000 peacekeeping troops from Haiti.

According to an interview on a local TV station, President Jose Mujica stated that he made that decision because of the lack of democratic progress in Haiti.

Let me tell you Mr. the President "You can never change Haiti". "Haiti will change you, or at least your conception as to what is logic"

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Will there be an election in Haiti in 2013? The International community has spoken

Now I believe there will be an election in Haiti by the end of 2013. I can bet you some money that at least the first round of election will be held before December 31, 2013.

One may ask why Am I so sure?

The answer my friend is that the International community has spoken. First, there were some doubts with US Ambassador Pamela Ann White at first taking the position that the election would likely be held in 2014, then quickly had to return to her decision. Next, the government of Michel Martelly, in a strategic move to buy time, put a hold on the electoral law. Even one of the advisors of Michel Martelly, Stanley Lucas, came out to tell the press that the election is not possible this year and will likely be taking place the earliest, March of 2014.
To all these people, you have eggs in your face

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