G8, Fanmi Lavalas Reject Commission of Electoral Evaluation

On Thursday, December 17, President Martelly ordered to create a special "Commission of Electoral Evaluation" under section 136 of the Constitution and the Decree of 17 May 2005. The commission would assess the situation of the country's upcoming electoral process scheduled on December 27th, within the next 3 days and will report the commission with necessary recommendation. The creation of the commission has been announced by the Prime Minister Evans Paul through a press note. However, the G8, Fanmi Lavalas and other opposition parties have said this Commission on Electoral Evaluation does not meet their main demand of an independent inquiry commission to investigate the alleged frauds concerning the Minutes of the of October 25th election and the preliminary presidential election results.


It is almost a known fact that the elections of October 25 were marred by fraud in favor of ruling party's candidates, and the CEP is subject to external influences. Since CEP is determined to hold the second round of presidential elections on December 27th amid protests of the G8, Fanmi Lavalas and other opposition parties, it would be wise if the opposition can stand up as one man against President Martelly; jointly they might resist his forceful imposition of candidate Jovenel Moses as his successor. If G8 could find a consensus and form an alliance with Fanmi Lavalas, they might confront Jovenel Moses in the second round. Even if the seven candidates rally behind Jude Celestin, with their combined efforts and resources, they can mount a considerable challenge. After the hearing of November 17th, the National Electoral Office of Litigation (BCEN) has granted permission to Dr. Maryse Narcisse, the presidential candidate of the Fanmi Lavalas party, to verify the records of the voting tabulation center in respect of her two disputed incidences. Dr. Narcisse had reported massive frauds in favor of ruling party's candidate Jovenel Moses.

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Subject: G8, Fanmi Lavalas Reject Commission of Electoral Evaluation edit

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