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The Passing of Mini-Jazz King Tony Moise

The unexpected death of Mini-Jazz saxophonist, Tony Moïse, shook the government of Haiti. Provisional Culture Minister, Josette Darguste, expressed sentiments of many in the government at his passing.

She said Tony Moïse was a national treasure, an inherent part of Haiti's music evolution. His participation in the Haitian music scene never ebbed, and his use of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, allowed him to continue reaching out to his fan base, keeping them up-to-date on his recording activities.

Darguste continued praising Moïse as a talent, who would be a hard act to follow. As a result of his exit, the preservation of Mini-Jazz would be hindered, as he was its main exponent.

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Haitian Compas Festival in Downtown Miami

Saturday May 18, 2013, the streets of Downtown Miami came alive with the singular Haitian musical beats of compas. A musical style with its beginnings well over a century ago, compas (kompa, konpa) took over the Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park with its sonorous beat and piercing, often provocative lyrics. The celebration took place on the Haitian Flag Day in the middle of May, the month designated as the Haitian Heritage Cultural Month. The tickets went on sale for anywhere from $35 to $100, and the '21 and over' age restriction shows just how rowdy, or at the least, suggestive, a compas festival can get.

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Carnival Music Politics Provoke Government of Haiti Response

Haiti's Carnival has a dark side when it comes to music played during its annual celebration . At the festival, revelers respond to messages contained within song lyrics, and what they suggest sometimes makes the government of Haiti (GOH) uneasy. Some songs encourage festival celebrants to act out their resentment at the GOH.

During Carnival '97, the monster hit of music group Koudjay, "Si Yo Vle", urged Haitians to hang amoral politicians then in power. In response, many symbolic hangmen's nooses whirled above the crowd. Although the GOH refrained from commenting on the song, they responded with a direct show of force. Forty SWAT officers were deployed to brandish their semi-automatic rifles at the crowd with gestures that intended serious injury.

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Jonathan Perry, AKA J Perry, the new Super Star in Haitian Music

Here is the latest song from the Haitian music artist J Perry. The sons is titled Enjoy Haiti. Like his previous hit song "Dekole, the new song "Enjoy Haiti" is expected to become a hit. It has all the elements to be the next popular song in the Haitian public.

Jonathan Perry (J Perry) was born June 4th 1988, in Port au prince, Haiti. He started playing music at the very young age of 6. He came from a large family; however, he was the only boy growing up among three sisters. In descending order, his sisters are "Shirley, the oldest, then comes Cynthia and then Chrystelle. His favorite dishes are Haitian food and Italian food. Jonathan Perry (J Perry) just love pasta.

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Arly Lariviere, the Haitian artist who sings with a purpose

Arly Lariviere had the passion of being a musician since he was baby and this love of music was passed on by his father and Tropicana D'Haiti. He is a real talented singer whose melodies and words flow through his veins without much effort.

Arly Larivière - A Qui La Faute:

Watch more music videos from Arly Lariviere.....

Arly Lariviere has decided to retire from the Nu look group; not his own will but because of certain activities carried out by the group that have not pleased him and his family. His decision will greatly affect the members of the group and their dependants, so he therefore decided to remain active for some time.

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Max Badette, Haitian singer

Max Badette is a famous Haitian singer who has been able to make out of being a great professional at what he does. There is a great deal of talent exhibited by the kind of songs he writes most of which are aimed at addressing the various issues affecting the society such as love. He combines different kinds of singing styles where he is able to easily bring about the Kompa style from Haiti and can easily combine it with some of the French singing styles to come up with some great songs.

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Melissa Laveaux, Canadian Singer with Haitian Roots

Melissa Laveaux is a brilliant music artist of Haitian origin born on January 9, 1985 in Montreal, Quebec. Her songs are based on different themes and genres. She has inspired a lot of new talent in the Canadian music industry. She is a song writer, a vocalist and a guitar player. Her lyrics are quiet touching and are inspired by her life experiences. She has great talent and is very determined.

Melissa Laveaux has spent most of her childhood times in learning guitar on her own. When she was of the age 6, she lost her check which was meant to pay for her piano teacher. With discipline and constant practice, she worked her to expertise on her guitar and vocal skills.

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Michel Batista, Haitian vocalist

Michel Batista is a Haitian artist whose songs are moving. They sweep one of the ground with a great temptation to dance to the wonderful beats. His background in being a vocalist in the Haitian Kampas tradition, has, in these most recent salsa records, proven to be a real contender in the roots Salsa-Pa-Ti genre.

He released his first salsa album in 2001 which was a great hit and was done by S&J Productions. It sought of brought him to the limelight, highlighting the potential he had. Michel Batista has done songs such as La Rumba, El Que Siembra Su Maiz, Candela, El Testamento, Tabaco Y Ron, El Jodon, Porque Ahora,Mi Tierra, Amor De Lejo and Porque Ahora Viene.

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National Institute of Music of Haiti (INAMUH), System of Symphony Orchestras

National Institute of Music of Haiti is a new upcoming name in Haiti. On Monday, June 11, the Haitian President Michel Martelly and the First Lady Sophia Martelly attended the launching program of the project of the System of Symphony Orchestras of Haiti and the National Institute of Music of Haiti (INAMUH) at the Karibe Convention Center. The aim of the project is to discover and guide underprivileged children to make the children of the country responsible citizens and to make them able to serve the nation in all level. These institutes will give the children the access to strengthen their musical background along with academic one.

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Pepe Bayard, Haitian accordionist

Pepe Bayard was a great Haitian accordionist who played some of the best songs and hits during his time. He was a very talented musician who won over many hearts by simply using his talent. When he released his very first album he got noticed by many especially when he decided to wear a shirt with all the colors of his country. He got to be a renowned musician all over the country where many got to appreciate his music and love it for it was focused on some aspect of the wellbeing of the country.

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