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Albert Pascal, Haitian singer of Les Ambassadeurs

He is a great Haitian singer of the famous group Les Ambassadeurs. Albert Pascal was born and raised in Haiti where he began his career and where he established himself to the music industry. There is little known about him but the facts about his music abilities and achievements are intact and have for the last couple of years been easily identified as being great achievements.

Albert Pascal has made it possible for many in the country to get noticed in the kind of abilities he has had and the manner in which he is able to easily make a good composition. Most of his fans love him for the manner in which he sings his music which makes them just want to listen on without stopping. It is his talent to entertain people a gift which he really uses well and to his advantage.

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Alex Abellard, Haitian keyboard player guitar player

He is a Haitian by origin musician, keyboard player and a very talented guitar player. Alex Abellard was born in Haiti where he was raised up and grew to nurture his talent. He has over the years earned the reputation of being a great musician who has achieved much more than anyone would ever have thought. Among his many achievements he has been able to easily come up with a recording company where he is the sole owner and investor. He recruits young talented singers and artists and enables them to nurture and perfect their talent to the level of big professional artists popular all over the world.

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House of Music Haiti First Media Library

The non-profit Haiti Jazz, in collaboration with Caracoli and Haiti Music, came together to launch the new media library in downtown Port-au-Prince recently. The House of Music (kay mizik la in Créole) was built as an archival storage space to house collections of Haiti's music history, its recordings, documented history, and music artifacts.

The European Union (EU) has subsidized the project with a five million gourdes gift. The motivation to create the media library was to develop awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of Haiti's cultural contribution to music arts. The EU's Cultural Secretary, Leandro Medeot, on hand at the launch, commented on the importance of developing and carrying forward the artistic and social influences of Haitian music. The House of Music will provide a forum for music industry artists, musicologists, and technology specialists to gather, share, explore, and define the evolution and impact of Haitian music on the cultural landscape.

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Jocelyne Labylle Biography

Born on January 7, 1973, in Saint Claude on the West Indian Island of Guadeloupe, Jocelyn Labylle was attracted to the world of show business at an early age. Her dream of sequins and gloss was largely fostered by her mother's success as a dancer in Karabina, the most famous folklore dance group in Guadeloupe. In 1992 Labylle joined the group Elodie; in 1994 she joined Zouk Orchestra. She appeared on the covers of all their albums. In 2000, Jocelyn Labylle returned to this studio to record her second album. She released the single "J'ai depose les clefs," which means I left my keys. The single was followed by the album Ma Petite Lumiere (My little light). The album features "Parle-moid'elle" and was written by Harry Diboula.

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Harmonik of Nickenson Prud'homme Biography

Many may not know it but this a band of successful musicians who originate from Haiti. Under the leadership of Nickenson Prud'homme, the Haitian Kompa band [[ Dance-Harmonik performing for Candidate Michel Martelly on March 2, 2011 at Gwen Margolis

They're Kompa musicians. Members of the group range between 22 and 33 years of age.

They performed "Hallelujah" for their audition. They all currently live in Miami, Florida, but are originally from Haiti. They advanced past the first round. We hope they take the title and bring Haiti in the limelight and prove Haiti has talent. Harmonik is a great band. The lead singer used to be in K-Dans (Haitian band). Nickenson Prud'homme is a big producer too who helps them in their videos. He's produced a bunch of Zouk and Konpa hits.

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Artist Belo Biography

Born is 1979, in Haiti, artist Belo is a very loyal man to his mother country and he brings out his traits through songs. Through his art of writing songs, Belo has worn himself a number of awards. Through his inspirational resonance of Jazz, Worldbeat, Rock, Reggae and Afro- Haitian traditional rhythms known as Ragganga, Belo's music has been accredited globally. He has done other albums, explicitly: "LakouTrankil" (Soley Sounds -2005) and "Reference" (NatiProd -2008). Both songs are in his Haitian language.

The earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010 did not kill his morale for singing. It destroyed his home and he had to relocate to France with the help of cultures France. The 2010 earthquake actually inspired him musically as brought out in one of his recent songs. Being a musician with diverse talent Belo has been able to represent Haiti in the rest of the world. The belief that surviving hardship makes us more resilient is what inspired "Haiti Debout."

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Wanito and his popular song Gadon Re-v or M' VleParenn

Wanito has released a new album called "BiyografiMwen" However, most people know the song as M' Vle Parenn. It is quite amazing to see the number of people in Haiti who could sing the entire song by heart. I was in a show recently performed by Wanito. Throughout the audience, you could hear people screaming: "M' Vle Parenn", Wanito "M' Vle Parenn". It was not actually until Wanito decided to play the song Gadon Re-v that I realized how much people love the song.

The song "Gadon Re-v" or "M' Vle Parenn"for most. The title of the original song on youtube is "M' VleParenn". The song depicts the stress, anxiety, confusion, and fear that comes with the news of having a woman pregnant in Haiti, especially when you're just a young boy living with your parents and not ready to assume such responsibilities. Luckily for Wanito, it was just a dream, a nightmare as he describes in the song. The story is very relevant in our culture; both boys and girls can relate to it. The humorous aspect of the song makes listening to it even more enjoyable." He described the album with each song being given priority.

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Jean Herard Richard, Richie, is back with new band bagay neuf

Former Zenglen drummer Jean Herard Richard, who is better known as Richie, has formed a new band. The drummer, who was behind the drums in a video in which president Martelly and other artists featured in paying tribute to more than 300,000 Haitians who perished on the wake of the 2010 earthquake says he has big news for his fans.

The new band is still deliberating on its name, though the name bagay neuf has been suggested. Richie says that the name has not been agreed upon, and that bagay neuf might not be it.

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Lenord Fortune, AKA Azor of Racine Mapou de Azor is dead

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that the one of the most successful Racine singer is dead. According to information obtained, Azor, felt sick after a performance in Saut D'Eau to celebrate Mont Carmel.

The Racine artist Azor has been known for bringing the Haitian culture to life in his music videos. Lenord Fortune has been very careful in presentation the videos for his Racine Mapou band. It is obvious in the costume changes from multiple takes. He also used young beautiful and talented Haitian dancers to accompany to the actual singers.

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New Music video for Djakout Number 1 - Pwofite

Djakout Number One - Pwofite

This is the latest Music Video from the New and improved Djakout Number 1 album titled Pwofite. As you may know, the band is no longer called Djakout Mizik but instead Djakout Number One. This song is titled Pwofite.

Watch the video now and tell me what you think about it

In my opinion, this video is good production. This new album will help the population and in particular fans of Djakout to embrace the new name for the band.

However, one thing is for sure, the new album from Djakout will not be equal to "La Familia" album. I think that "La Familia album will for ever remain their greatest success.

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