sugar cane workers in DR to receive birth certificates, extracts of State Civil Acts

Haitian Immigrants Get Identification Documents in Ceremony at Haitian Embassy in Santo Domingo


The Dominican Republic's (DR) National Plan for the Regularization of Foreigners (PNRE) expired back in June 2015. A small number of Haitian immigrants, among them sugar cane laborers, were fortunate enough to have registered for PNRE before the deadline. As a result the registrants have been given their birth certificates. The Haitian government issued the documents through its Identification and Documentation of Haitian Immigrants Program (PIDIH).

A ceremony at which the birth certificates were given out was held at the Santo Domingo Haitian Embassy. The event was presided over by Ambassador Magali Jeanty Magloire as well as Miousemme Celestin, also with the Embassy. Magloire pledged continued support from the Haitian government in helping Haitian nationals to obtain both identity cards and Haitian passports, the birth certificates being only the first--but important step--in achieving naturalization status in the DR.

Although Magloire stated her renewal of ". . . my commitment and . . . of the entire nation to do everything . . . to insure and (sic) end (sic) of regularization problems" Haitians must still visit the Embassy to urge authorities to issue identity cards and passports in order to complete the naturalization process.

For those Haitians, who missed out on registering for PNRE, and still need passports to reside in the DR, their only other option is to go through the laborious and lengthy immigration process administered under the DR Immigration Law 285-04.

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Subject: sugar cane workers in DR to receive birth certificates, extracts of State Civil Acts edit

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