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Launch of the Future Leaders of Haiti Internship Program

On the 23rd of June, the Future Leaders of Haiti Internship Program was launched. It took place in the National palace, where President Michel Martelly, accompanied by his wife, launched it. The ceremony of the Future Leaders of Haiti Internship Program took place in the presence of the Minister for Haitians Living Abroad, Francois Guillaume II. Also, the Ambassador of Haiti in Washington, Paul Altidor, was present. Jean Vernet Henry the Rector of the State University of Haiti also attended the ceremony, and there were other attendants from private universities in the ceremony.

The Leaders Internship Program is currently under leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since it has just started, it has been placed under the purview of this ministry for the purposes of reaching the Diaspora. The first promotion is called "Classe Antenor Firmin" and it aims to reach the talented students of Haiti together with the young professionals who are living in U.S. The aim of this is to reach the Diaspora so that they can also contribute towards developing the mother country.

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