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Isle of Boman, Petite Riviere De Nippes

Isle of Boman located in Petite Riviere De Nippes is a fishing village in Haiti where over 200 fishermen live with their families in conditions that no living soul on earth will ever want. The fishermen live on the small Isle of Boman. The isle is made of sea shells. The Isle of Boman has lighthouse that is powered by solar energy. That's all! That's the only high-tech (if at all) thing to be found there.

The area is deprived of running water and form of sanitation system. Communication, churches, schools and clinics are simply non-existent. The fishermen do not have any kind of refrigeration system and they do not have any form of shelter from a storm. Grass and trees do not exist. They only have canoes dug out of logs that they use for their fishing activities. All they have is the sun and the sea and their living place stands stark naked in front of any fierce storm that can possible annihilate the entire place and the population.

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