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Jacques-Edouard Alexis, a Haitian politician

Jacques-Édouard Alexis is the former Prime Minister of Haiti. He was twice elected the Prime Minister of Haiti, once between 1999 and 2001, and once again from 2006 to 2008. Born in 1947, Jacques-Édouard Alexis completed school in 1966 from Lycée Geffrard and Lycée Toussaint Louverture. He graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1973 from the State University of Haiti.

After completing his degree, Jacques-Édouard Alexis assumed numerous roles in the field of academics. His first well-known job was at the State University of Haiti for a period of 3 years from 1973 to 1976, where he was an Assistant Professor teaching Chemistry. He moved to Canada in 1977, where he gained his Master's Degree in Food Science and Technology from University Laval. During this time, he was also working as a Research and Teaching Assistant. He then returned to the State University of Haiti where he assumed the duties as the Professor for food harvest technology and food technology for the next eight years.

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Role of Prime Minister of Haiti and List

The Haitian Prime Minister heads the country's government and shares executive powers with the head of state. The holder of the Prime Minister post is appointed by the incumbent president and gets approval from the National assembly.

The Prime Minister has the responsibility of law enforcement vested upon him and works alongside the president to ensure national defense.

Previous Haitian Prime Ministers:

February 9, 1988 - June 20, 1988 - Martial Célestin

June 20, 1988 - February 13, 1991 - Post abolished

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Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) announces Election Results

The Haitian population now only have two choices as the CEP announced the result of the 2010 Haiti election.

Coming first is Mirlande Manigat with 336,878 votes or 31.37 percent of the votes. Jude Celestin was second with 241,462 votes or 22.48 percent of the votes. Michel Martelly was third, with 234,617 votes or 21.84 percent of the votes. Jean Henri Ceant, with 87,834 votes or 8.18 percent of the votes. Jacques-Edouard Alexis came with 32,932 votes or 3.07 percent of the votes. Charles Henry Baker, 25,512 votes or 2.38 percent. Chavannes Jeunes had a total of 19,348 votes or 1.8 percent of the votes. All other candidates have less than one percent of the votes.

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