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Samba Boukman AKA Jean Baptiste Jean Philippe assassinated in Haiti

We just learned that the powerful Lavalas militant Samba Boukman, also known by his true mane Jean Baptiste Jean Philippe was assassinated today by an individual on a motorcycle. The news was just reported now by Radio Kiskeya in Port-au-Prince. He level of insecurity in Haiti continues to increase as many people became victims of assassination recently in Haiti.

This took place while Samba Boukman was going to pick-up his child from school in Delmas 95, at Jacquet Toto. He was pronounced dead

Who is Samba Boukman?

Jean Baptiste Jean Philippe has been a powerful militant in Haiti for the past 20 years. Some believe that Samba Boukman was involved with a gang in the Bel-Air area in Port-au-Prince. Operation Baghdad was a broad campaign of terror on behalf of a former president of Haiti

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