Bateur Metayer Biography

Little was known about Buteur Metayer prior to the assassination of his brother, Amiot Metayer in September 2003. It is said that he came to Haiti from the United States with the objective of avenging the death of Amiot. Bateur took over the operations of the Cannibal Army, a rebel group which his brother had founded in the 1980s to resist the dictatorial rule of Duvalier.


Buteur Metayer then renamed the army, giving it the name Artibonite Resistance Front, which he used to fight off President Aristide's policemen. He was very significant in the hostile takeovers of Gonaives and other towns as his group demanded for the immediate resignation of Aristide for corruption and for siphoning money from the poor.

He openly expressed his hatred for Aristide, sometimes challenging him during press conferences. His group terrorized policemen and torched several houses and a politician's gas station. He never spared his enemies. He was admired by many Haitians for his courageous acts, and for liberating them.

He declared himself the leader of liberated Haiti in February 2004, after which he renamed the movement to the National Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Haiti. Buteur Metayer was then expatriated to Florida in the United States, where he was held for 47 days on account of violation of Human Rights and arms trafficking. He was later deported to Haiti, where he passed on in 2005 out of what was thought to be renal failure, though some of his loyalists believe that he was poisoned.

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