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Case against Sonson La Familia and Renel Lerecif reopened

The idea that you can't be judged twice for the same crime doesn't apply to Sonson La Familia and Renel Lerécif. These two will be once again prosecuted by the Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince. The case has been revived by the new Government Commissioner, Jean Danton Léger.

As you may remember, the decision was taken under the government of Michel Martelly to free Woodly Ethéard alias Sonson La Familia and Renel Nelfort Renel the Reef, two members of the powerful gang "gang galil"

According to reports by the National Network of human rights (RNDDH), the gang has been involved in more than twenty cases of kidnapping.

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Jean Michel Hilaire leader of gang Haute tension, arresterd in Petit-Goave

Police in Petit-Goave has wan one for the road. The Head of the famous gang "Haute tension", Jean Michel Hilaire, was arrested this week by Police in the region. The gang was specialized in ransoming vehicles, burglary, rape and shooting.

Police in Petit Goave used some innovative strategies to make the arrest. Police officer dressed as doctors were able to arrest gang leader Jean Michel Hilaire without violence.

What do you think?

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Haitian Street children used by gang as informers to kill Haitian Police

According to a video circulating on the web, there was an interview conducted with one of these children who explained how the gangs have been using the street children in Haiti as informers in the assassination of several police officers. Usually for no more than $4 US dollars, these street children are instructed to go and observe where these police officers are stationed and report to them.

WATCH VIDEO: Haitian Street children used by gang as informers to kill Haitian Police

This particular child in the video admitted that he contributed in the assassination of five(5) Police Officers in the region of Croix-des-Bouquets and Ganthier. On the day he was captured by the Police, the child was working for a specific gang, observing and reporting the whereabouts some police. These well armed gangs have their base in Carrefour Marin, in Port-au-Prince

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Former gang leader, Amaral Duclona, soon to return Home

Discharged completely from accusation on Friday, February 12, 2016 by French Justice, former gang leader Amaral Duclona wil be coming soon to Haiti. As you may remember, he was accused for several criminal acts committed in 2004 during the period of Operation Bagdad. These crimes include kidnapping and killing of businessman Claude Bernard Lauture in 2004 in Port-au-Prince, kidnapping and killing of the French Honorary consul, Paul-Henri Moural in Cap-Haitian in May 2005, and other criminal acts. French justice acquitted Amaral Duclona as it was unable to get some of the key Haitian witnesses to testify against him

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Gang of La Saline at Croix des Bossales Market

On July 11, 2015, under a day with clouded sky, the National Police of Haiti (PNH), with supports of MINUSTAH conducted a three-hour long operation in the slum of La Saline, outside the Haitian capital and has arrested 113 suspected gang members, including three seriously sought, of a criminal network that used to sow daily terror and extort money from the merchants and commuters around the Croix des Bossales market. The criminals used to perpetrate their crimes in Saint Joseph portal neighborhoods, La Saline and Fort Touron in particular. One of the arrested is an individual known as Pirame Felix, alias "Touhou", the most dangerous principal leader of this gang. The operation involved 7 specialized units of the PNH or 438 police officers and 117 elements of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

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Fugitive Wesnel Isaac, Member Of The Zoe Pound Gang, Arrested

Finally Wesnel Isaac has been apprehended after a 7-year search for the man accused of murder, robbery and kidnapping. Wesnel holds the distinct reputation of being listed as one of his country's 15 most-wanted criminals.

Wesnel fled to Haiti after committing several violent crimes in Lee County. Detectives say that he never put up any fight when he they arrested him. The detectives started looking for him in 2007, after it emerged that he had committed a triple murder.

The crime that eventually convinced the police to conduct a massive manhunt for him took place in 2007. Wesnel allegedly kidnapped three men, before taking them to a Leigh Acres neighborhood and shooting them in their heads. The bodies of the three were later discovered inside a car that was abandoned. A month earlier, Weslen shot a man whose crime was that he failed to return a rental car as promised.

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Why does Jean Lounis stab 4-month old child in the Dominican Republic

According to Dominican Police this happened late Saturday in village of La Victoria when Jean Lounis who is 37, got into an argument with Patricia Philomar, the mother of his 4-month-old daughter. As the mother ran away to call police, Jean Lounis took his frustration on their 4-month old innocent child in the home

A local mub reacted by killing the 37 year old Haitian Jean Lounis

This kid of behaviors will not help the Haitian community in the Dominican Republic, Instead it would reinforce the conception in the Dominican Republic that we, Haitians, are uncivilized.

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At least 9 Moto-taxi drivers killed by gang in Thomazeau

How could you imagine that Taxi Drivers in Haiti could become the target of crime. Police in Haiti, with the support of the the U.N. force is currently is conducting an investigation in this matter. Haitian Police has revealed that so far the body of nine drivers based on a lead from a 20 year old suspect.

How did these crime take place?

Based on the Police investigating team, the gang members would lure their victims in a remote area close to the city of Thomazeau and kill them by strangulation or using machetes. A total of three suspects are currently in custody as the search continues to determine is there have been more victims.

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Violence in Cite Soleil as 40 reported dead during last 8 months

According to a pastor working in the slum of Cite Soleil, more that 40 people have been reported dead as a result of recent violence there. The slum of Cite Soleil has once again become a dead trap for many as the pastor working in the town reported on Radio Kiskeya that recent violence has taken the lives of 40 people within the last 8 months

Many gangs in Haiti are usually based in slums like Cite Soleil where there are little opportunities for the residents and specially the young. They use their power and influence to recruit young people in the neighborhood and arm them with heavy weapons. The gang members are often involved in kidnappings, harassment and terror carried to the population to finance their operation.

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Edo Zenny and Joseph Lambert accused in network of drug trafficking and kidnapping

There has been serious accusations brought to two very important, powerful and close friends and associates of President Michel Martelly. Sherlson Sanon, a child soldier an admitted former criminal, made damning testimony on the role of Senator Edo Zenny and former Senator Joseph Lambert, in a network of murder, kidnaping and drug trafficking with members of the gang "Base Kakos"

Sherlson Sanon revealed in a testimoy made at RNDDH on March 12, 2013 that former Senator and current Presidential advisor Joseph Lambert, current Senator Edwin Zenny and Government Commissionerof Croix-des-Bouquets, Me Leny Thélusma all have been been involved in

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