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Barricades and tire burning in Jeremie, protest against road work abandonment

The population of the city of Jeremie is out on the streets this Wednesday, November 28, 2012. They are setting Barricades in the streets, blocking traffics and setting tires on fire.

They are protesting against the abandonment of the construction work by the construction company OAS. The road work joining the cities of Cayes and Jérémie has been stopped for several months.

The protest started yesterday. Schools and majorities of business are close. Some arrests have been made. Many people are injured with. The local police has not been able to manage the crowd so far.

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Chambellan in Haiti, an Adorable and Panoramic Destination

Chambellan is a municipal town in the Jeremie Arrondissement in Haiti's Grand'Anse Department. Population of the place is around 16883. It is located with the 74° 19' 0" West and the 18° 34' 0" North coordinate. The average altitude at which it is located is 307 meters. Racket and Dejean are the two communes the municipality of Chambellan contains. Area of the region is of 73.13 km, out of which 2.1km2 is occupied by approximately 330 people. It is an administrative unit of the third order.

Why Is Chambellan Adorable?

Chambellan is well known in Haiti for its vast cover of lush green vegetation. The biggest water source for the region is the stalwart Grand'Anse River which makes its way past Chambellan town. It creates an adorable and panoramic view for the town.

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Tortug' Air: Haiti's National Flag Carrier

Tortug' Air plays a key role in Haiti's transportation infrastructure. Founded in March 2003, the airline is the country's national flag carrier, with over 200 employees. The road condition in Haiti is quite poor, giving people a difficult time to travel by land. With Tortug' Air, however, air flights to local and international destinations are made easier. Being one of the largest regional airlines also allows Tortug' Air to greatly contribute to the country's transportation industry.

The airline offers local flights to five destinations, which are Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Jeremie, Cap-Haitien, and Port-de-Paix. Not only it services local flights, it also has international ones. Passengers can book air tickets to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, as well as the Bahamas' Nassau, Provo, and Turks and Caicos. It also has charter permits to fly to other Caribbean islands.

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