Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Haiti Emile Jonassaint

Emile Jonassaint was born on May 20th 1913 and became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Haiti and later served as the president for a short period. Earlier the military regime had forced Jean Bernard Aristide to move out of the country.


Crimes by the Army

After a few years from May 12th to October 12th 1994, Emile Jonassaint functioned as the Head of the Provisional Government. During his tenure it is alleged that some of the most inhuman crimes were meted out by the Haitian army.

Human rights were not followed and this also upset many people. The fact was that the entire army was not bad but there were stray incidents of the army behaving in a reckless manner. This did not go well with other countries and the US was keeping a continuous watch.

A Threat

All through the tenure of Emile Jonassaint US government was pressurizing the military leaders of Haiti to resign and allow Jean Bertrand Aristide who was the elected president of the country to return.

US and other nations saw the situation as degenerating and the United Nations Security Council made all arrangements to help the elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide to come back to power. They UN monitors put a stop to the oil smuggling in Haiti which was the revenue source for military leaders.

The Final Accord

Emile Jonassaint stated that an unfair state of siege was declared on the poor people of Haiti. In spite of the monitoring the army oppressed the supporters of Jean Bertrand Aristide.

President Bill Clinton sent some top officials like former president Jimmy Carter and few others to negotiate with Emile Jonassaint. The Port-au-Prince Accord was signed between the two. He finally agreed to step down and almost a year later he died at the age of 82.

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