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Minister Fresner Dorcin aggressed by Charles St Remy (Kiko)

The current Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Fresner Dorcin spent some rough time last Saturday. According to Newspaper Le Nouvellist, the incident took place at the home of Claudia St-Remy Champagne (Sister of Sophia St remy Martelly).

According to a source non identified source Minister of Agriculture Fresner Dorcin was insulted both physically and verbally by the famous Charles St-Remy AKA Kiko, a Heavy weight in the administration of Michel Martelly

Kiko St Remy is the Brother of the First Lady, Sophia Martelly and brother in law of current president Michel Martelly. According to the source, the incident was over a certain amount of money that was expected but not delivered. Based on a deal and an understanding between the two individuals, Minister Dorcin gave around $500,000 to Kiko St Remy who obviously was expecting much more. According to the source, Kiko expressed his dissatisfaction by hitting Minister Fresner Dorcin, sayng that he has done too much for Fresner Dorcin to be pay this amount

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Charles St-Remy AKA Kiko Vs Laurent Lamothe, Problem in the Presidential Family

What ever happened to: " Laver son linge sale en famille?

The protest of November 18, 2014 has revealed one thing if anything else. It has confirmed rumors that have been circulating out in the streets. It does in fact exists many different clans in the government of Michel Martelly and as in many territories controlled by clans, they will fight for control of territories.

The now open and unmistaken fight between Charles St-Rémy AKA Kiko and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe falls under this category. Kiko St. Rémy, Martelly's own brother-in-law, joined the marchers on November 18 to publicly demand the resignation of Prime Minister Lamothe.

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