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Etang Saumatre also known as Lac Azuei (Lake Azuei)

Haiti's version of the Dead Sea is the briny Etang Saumâtre, which translates in English to brackish pond. As Haiti's largest lake, it holds second place to the Dominican Republic's Lake Enriquillo as the second largest lake in Hispaniola. Known by some as Lake Azuéi, it is known by Haiti's neighbors as Lago del Fondo, and also by the Taíno name, Yainagua.

Found in what is described as the arid part of the Cul-de-Sac valley, the pond can be found less than 30 km east of the Haitian capital in the Ouest Department. At its northern side, it forms part of the border with the Dominican Republic.

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Haitian Villages slowly vanish as Lake Azuei grows

Since 2003, Haiti's Lake Azuei has risen 10 meters to its current elevation of 30. It has also grown to more than twice its original size since 2004 from 155 km2 to 354 km2. A study by students and faculty from City College of New York, who have used environmental equipment to monitor the lake, has gathered evidence, including satellite imagery, which shows that the Lake, once contained solely in Haiti, has now breached the border in the Dominican Republic by a few kilometers.

Interviews taken of the locals, including teachers, fishermen, politicians and farmers shows that not only some have been affected. Knowing the cause of the rising of the lake should aid officials in finding a means to stop it, as the current trend of relocation is only a temporary, wholly untenable fix.

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Video of dead Fish in Lake Azuei

What's next for Haiti in 2010, earthquake, cholera and now thousands of fish are dying in Haiti.

Dozens of dead fish were found washing on the shores of "Etang Saumatre". According to the residents in "Plaine du Cul de Sac, the fish have been contaminated and other animals have died after eating these dead fish.

Could this kill the residents in the regions if they eat the dead fish?

What about the water, can people drink it or cook with it?

Were these fish affected by cholera as well?

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