Former President of Haiti, Leslie Manigat, dies at 83

The 43rd president of Haiti died at the age of 83. The politician is a famous man who is still known as Professor Leslie Saint-Roc François Manigat. His death occurred while he was sleeping in his home. Professor Leslie Saint-Roc François Manigat became the president of Haiti in February 1988 and served until June 1988.


Leslie Saint-Roc François Manigat was born in Port-au-prince in the year 1930, on August 16th. He served as the Director of Political Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 1950s. While in the ministry, he was accused of organizing the students' strikes of the 1960s during the regime of Francois Duvalier. This led to him being imprisoned for two months in the year 1963. He then fled the country to France, U.S.A and Venezuela in fear of Francois Duvalier.

Mr. Leslie Saint-Roc François Manigat married his second wife Mirlande Hippolyte in the year 1970. His second wife was an expert in constitutional law. After Jean Claude Duvalier departed, Mr. Leslie Saint-Roc François Manigat formed the Rally of Progressive National Democrats. He was in the race in the elections that were scheduled on 29th November 1987. In 2010, his wife Mirlande Manigat was a presidential candidate.

The current President of Haiti paid last respects to President Manigat on behalf of the government and the people. In his statement, he offered his sincere condolences to the family, relatives, friends and supporters of Rally of Progressive National Democrats (RPND). He added that the Republic of Haiti has lost one of the worthy sons who occupied high office with heavy responsibility.

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