About 5,000 public employees in Haiti can't either read or write

Have you ever wondered while we are often confronted with attitudes, passivity or resistance when we go to ask for government services in Haiti? It's simple, the public employees are incompetent in the position held. A good number of them don't have a clue what you are talking about or if they do know what you want, are unable to help.


According to Jean Wilberson Timothee, Secretary of State for literacy in Haiti, close to 5,000 public employees in Haiti can't either read or write.

I wouldn't be surprise if some of these employees are managers

Haitian Kreyol:

Apeprè 5,000 anplwaye piblik an Ayiti pa ka swa li oswa ekri

Eske ou janm mande poukisa souvan nou konfwonte ak atitid, Pasivite oswa rezistans lè nou ale mande pou sèvis gouvènman an Ayiti? Li senp, anplwaye piblik yo enkonpetan. Yon kantite nan yo pa konnen de ki sa ou ap pale oswa si yo konnen ki sa ou vle, yo pa kapab ede.

Dapre Jean Wilberson Timothee, Sekretè Deta pou alfabetizasyon an Ayiti, Apeprè 5,000 anplwaye piblik nan Ayiti pa ka swa li oswa ekri.

Mwen pa ta dwe sipriz si kèk nan anplwaye sa yo, se administratè.

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